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Posted on: Apr 27, 2015

The Judicial Nominating Commission received eight applications for the upcoming Court of Appeals of Indiana vacancy. The following attorneys and judges have applied for the seat, which will be available when Judge Ezra H. Friedlander retires this summer.

  • Judge Robert R. Altice, Jr., Marion Superior Court
  • Bryan L. Ciyou, Indianapolis
  • Stephen R. Creason, Indianapolis
  • Judge Christopher M. Goff, Wabash Superior Court
  •  Patricia C. McMath, Indianapolis
  • Judge Gary L. Miller, Marion Superior Court
  • David L. Pippen, Indianapolis
  • Joel M. Schumm, Indianapolis

Of the applicants, Judges Altice and Miller as well as attorneys Ciyou, Creason, McMath, Pippen and Schumm are all current IndyBar members.

The applicant names are public record. The actual applications are public record if the candidate is interviewed, see IC 33-27-3-2(d)(1). An announcement on interviews and details on how applications can be reviewed will be announced soon.

According to the Indiana Constitution and state statute, the seven-member Judicial Nominating Commission must recruit and select candidates to fill the upcoming vacancy on the Court of Appeals. The Commission is chaired by Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush and includes three attorneys elected by attorneys and three citizens appointed by the Governor.

The Commission will consider the applicants’ legal education, legal writings, reputation in the practice of law, physical condition, financial interests, activities in public service and any other pertinent information. After interviews, the Commission will send three candidates to Governor Mike Pence. The Governor will select Indiana's next Court of Appeals judge within 60 days of receiving the list.


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