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Posted on: Apr 20, 2012

In order to assist voters in electing qualified and effective judges in the November 8 election, the Indianapolis Bar Association’s Judicial Excellence Political Action Committee has released the results of its 2012 judicial candidate peer evaluation. 

The Democratic and Republican Party ballots will each feature twelve candidates vying for ten Marion Superior Court judgeship opportunities on the November ballot.

 “This evaluation by the candidates’ professional peers confirms for the public that we have a variety of qualified candidates from which to choose. We hope voters take into consideration the thoughts of those interacting professionally with the candidates and elect the qualified judiciary Marion County needs and deserves,” said C. Joseph Russell, Chair of JEPAC.            

The complete listing of the candidates and the percentage of responding evaluators recommending each candidate for election as a Marion Superior Court Judge is as follows:

 Democrats:  Greg Bowes 52.7%, Linda E. Brown 69.9%, Thomas J. Carroll 68.5%, John M.T. Chavis II 78.8%, Steven Eichholtz 68.8%, John F. Hanley 67.0%, Grant W. Hawkins 78.8%, Mark King 53.4%, Becky Pierson-Treacy 30.7%, Jose D. Salinas 79.0%, Mark D. Stoner 95.7%, and Heather A. Welch 95.6%.

 Republicans: Robert R. Altice Jr. 96.7%, Lisa A. Borges 69.8%, Sheila A. Carlisle 94.2%, Clayton Graham 60.0%, Amy M. Jones 84.8%, James A. Joven 68.1%, Michael D. Keele 95.4%, Helen Marchal 86.3%, William J. Nelson 84.9%, Paul K. Ogden 18.1%, Carol J. Orbison 72.6%, and Clark H. Rogers 84.0%.

 The survey was sent to members of the Indianapolis Bar Association, attorneys in the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office and the Marion County Public Defender’s Office, as well as any other attorney who had entered an appearance in Marion County Courts in the last three years. The respondents were asked to verify that they had had professional contact with the candidates they evaluated and if they had, the evaluating lawyers were to rate their experience with the candidate(s) regarding each candidate’s; (1) demonstration of sufficient legal experience to be an effective judge; (2) efficiency as an office administrator; (3) conduct appropriate for a judge; (4) knowledge of rules of evidence, procedure and substantive law; and (5) ability to be unbiased, independent and impartial.  Complete details are posted at www.indyjudges.org.

 The sole purpose of JEPAC is to conduct and publicize non-partisan evaluations of Marion County judicial candidates to promote the fair and effective selection of qualified judicial candidates in Marion County. The JEPAC is a bipartisan group assisted by bipartisan counsel.


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