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Posted on: Jul 15, 2012

Courtroom connotations: stress, contention and opposition. Let us change that for you--participate in a warm, wonderful Naturalization Ceremony. Twice a month, the IndyBar sends representatives to the Naturalization Ceremonies to give welcoming words to the new citizens. Ceremonies are held in the Federal Courthouse (photo id necessary), last about an hour and are held on Thursday mornings.

IndyBar volunteers have two responsibilities: to welcome the new citizens with a short speech--a sample of which is provided, and to distribute a welcome gift following the ceremony. The IndyBar gives each new citizen a copy of the US and Indiana Constitution Book.

Many agencies participate in the ceremonies. As an IndyBar volunteer, you will arrive at the Court and be seated with the others in the jury box. An agenda will be provided and you will be called upon by name at the appropriate time by the Judge.

The ceremonies usually proceed with the roll of those being naturalized, the oath, the pledge of allegiance, celebration of the oldest and youngest being naturalized and short comments from guests such as yourself. following the ceremony you will hand out constitution books to each person.

If you would like to find out more or volunteer, please contact Caren Chopp at cchopp@indybar.org


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