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Posted on: Jan 2, 2018

By Nissa M. Ricafort, Broyles Kight & Ricafort PC

After sending my kids off to school, I sat down at my kitchen table, asked Alexa (my husband’s fancy Amazon Echo Dot) to play some Christmas music, lit a Christmas candle and opened my computer to start writing my last message of the year for this column. Just as I put my fingers on the keyboard to begin typing, Alexa began playing a beautiful instrumental rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Nothing could've been more fitting in my mind as I believe this year has been all about amazing blessings for which I will always be grateful.

The opportunity to serve as your president of the Indianapolis Bar Association has been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of my life because of the many wonderful people I have had the opportunity to get to know during my years in leadership. This includes fellow attorneys, IndyBar staff, judicial officers, law students, lobbyists, elected officials, community activists, pro se litigants and family members of those in the legal community whom we lost this year. Each of these individuals shared with me a piece of themselves that shaped my experience as your president and impacted who I am and hope to be in the years to come. There really is no way to adequately quantify these experiences, but when people ask me if I am glad I spent so many hours volunteering for the IndyBar, it is these experiences that make my answer an unqualified and emphatic “yes!"

I was reminded this year that we never know how our life journey will unfold and when that journey will end. More importantly, I was reminded about the power of individuals and how what we do and what we say can leave a lasting impact on someone. The grace that so many people showed me when I was unexpectedly unavailable to serve for a month is something I will never forget. I didn’t have to ask for help in fulfilling my duties. People were just there. And so many others took time out of their busy days to send me a hand-written card, an email or a text to check on me or to offer words of support and encouragement. Most of these people I never would have known had I not had the opportunity to serve as president of the IndyBar.

To me, this is the true of spirit of the Indianapolis Bar Association. We are lawyers, judicial officers, paralegals and law students working to advance justice and enhance the legal profession. But, just as important, we are people here to support each other and make us better professionals and community members. So, I use my final message to thank you for the incredible opportunity to serve as your president, to encourage you to keep advancing justice for the voiceless in our community, to ask you to keep supporting and reaching out fellow members who may be struggling and to remind you to cherish the amazing blessings in your lives.


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