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Posted on: Sep 15, 2017

Netflix and Chill with "The Confession Tapes"

By Jennifer P. Harrison, Lewis and Wilkins LLP

Usually people who do one thing for a living don’t enjoy going home and binging on hours and hours of television revolving around their occupation. As a die-hard “Grey’s Anatomy” fan (I am currently in my third go-around of watching the series), I’ve never found a medical doctor who tells me they love that show. However, most lawyers I know LOVE true-crime shows, movies and podcasts. For example, the chair of the Criminal Justice Section, Shaunestte Terrell, is currently very concerned about how she will watch Dateline with the NBC/AT&T outage. Most of my colleagues religiously streamed the podcast “Serial.” And who could forget the success of “Making a Murderer”? Though I must confess, I did not get into that one.

Speaking of confessions, there is a new binge-worthy show on Netflix called “The Confession Tapes.” Each episode of this show highlights a different murder investigation that involved a confession of sorts. However, as the series purports, these confessions are all “false confessions” coerced by interrogation techniques. It is a fascinating and compelling series that dives deep into the psychology of how someone could end up confessing to something they did not do.

So grab your fellow true-crime loving friend (Shaunestte, I’m looking at you), order some Hot Box pizza and check out your next binge-worthy Netflix series “The Confession Tapes.” You can thank me for the recommendation Friday, October 27 at Tomlinson Tap for At the Bar with the Bench! Register here.

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