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Posted on: Sep 8, 2017

Warning: Local Bond Scam

By D. Elizabeth Cox, Cox & Koons LLP

A fellow attorney related a recent incident where he/she became aware of a client with no criminal history who was charged with a low-level crime who fell victim to a bond scam in Hancock County.  

Bond was posted via credit card at the jail, but the client received a phone call early in the morning the following day “from the jail” saying the credit card had been declined and the client had been mistakenly released. The client was advised to repay the bond immediately, cited the charges and the exact bond amount, or a warrant would be issued.

With little to no criminal history, the client provided the credit card info over the phone. In the end, it was a complete scam and the client is out a lot of money.  

What this tells us is scammers are monitoring new arrests in Hancock County (potentially via and using the very specific information readily available to prey on individuals. If these predators are doing it in Hancock, they will be doing it in other counties soon enough, if not already!

While it is impossible to advise everyone ahead of time, if you have a new client who has recently been arrested, please share this information! 

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