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Posted on: Nov 21, 2016

By The Hon. Brenda A. Roper, Center Township Small Claims Court

During the month of October, students of Arsenal Technical High School held town hall meetings, attended workshops on the election process of the United States and the State of Indiana, and registered to vote in preparation for their first-ever student elections. On Monday, Nov. 7, the mock-election for the offices of United States President, Indiana Governor and U.S. Senator was conducted with the assistance of volunteers from Indianapolis Bar Association’s Professionalism Committee.  

In order to cast their ballots, students presented their school identification cards and signed the registered voter book, which was prepared by the school faculty. In addition to the mock election, the students also elected student body representatives and responded to a referendum question about when the school day should begin: 7:20 a.m. versus 9 a.m. The result of the referendum question favored a start time of 7:20 a.m., with 67 percent of the vote.

The students elected the following individuals to office, with 145 votes cast among the 345 registered student voters.


Hillary Clinton: 64 percent

Gary Johnson: 21 percent

Donald Trump: 15 percent

Indiana Governor

John Gregg: 69 percent

Eric Holcomb: 20 percent

Rex Bell: 11 percent

Indiana Senator

Evan Bayh: 55 percent

Todd Young: 28 percent

Lucy Brenton: 17 percent

IndyBar volunteers extend a warm thank you to Principal Julie Bakehorn and Educator Karen Marksman for facilitating this community partnership.


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