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Posted on: Mar 8, 2016
The IndyBar Appellate Practice Section created the Indiana Appellate Institute in 2010 as a resource for lawyers who have oral arguments scheduled before the Indiana Supreme Court or Indiana Court of Appeals. The Indiana Appellate Institute offers “moot” or practice argument sessions before panels of seasoned appellate advocates and others who have reviewed the briefs and will ask the sorts of questions an advocate can expect at the actual argument.

Many members who have used the Indiana Appellate Institute over the past few years have benefited from this service. Read on to learn about one member’s experience, and find out how the institute can help you prepare for your next case here.

By Andrew Teel, Haller & Colvin

The Indiana Appellate Institute should be considered a “must-do” for both the novice and experienced appellate practitioner alike preparing for oral argument. From the very beginning of the session it was clear that both Professor Schumm and the other members of the panel had immersed themselves in my client’s case; they were not only conversant in the issues that had been briefed, but suggested arguments and identified relevant case law beyond the briefs. The difference in my presentation from the beginning of the session to the end was night and day. My analysis was sharper, my arguments more focused and my preparation more comprehensive. Simply put, the Indiana Appellate Institute made me a more effective advocate for my client.

If you have used the Indiana Appellate Institute or another IndyBar resource and would like to submit a testimonial, please email Rachel Beachy at


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