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Posted on: Feb 1, 2016
By Devon Sharpe, IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law

Is it really February? After four weeks of IndyBar Review and only two weeks remaining, the bar exam is going to be here in no time. That said, it is important to avoid the allure of procrastination.


The first tip is from an article discussing how to stop procrastinating before the bar exam. You can view the article here. The remaining tips are from my experiences in either law school or bar review.

  1. Time Travel – I relate 100% with this idea. The article encourages the following, “If you’re procrastinating about making your outline, travel forward in time and remind yourself how nice it will feel when you’re done with it. Just thinking ahead like this can be a helpful way to push yourself to accomplish your work now instead of waiting until later.”

  1. Identify the Distraction(s) – Television and video games are a huge draw for my attention. Establish a reward system. When I complete my real property outline, I will reward myself with 30 minutes of internet time. This works fine so long as you adhere to the reward timeframe allotted. What are the things that steal your time?

  1. Remove yourself – The majority of the time I do not have too much trouble staying focused at home. However, if the topic is exceptionally difficult or time consuming to review, then I may turn to my distractions. To avoid procrastinating, I remove myself by going to a coffee shop. Where would you go to avoid your distractions?

  1. Create attainable goals – With a large amount of material to review, it is important to find a way to focus your attention on a topic or an activity (evidence or practice MBE questions). The IndyBar helps you with this by providing samples schedules for full-time and part-time students for each day that includes suggested allotments of time and activity.


Please, share any strategies that you have found useful.

Next Week

In next week’s blog, I will review the Indiana Essays portion of the bar exam and more tips from the IndyBar Review speakers.


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