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Posted on: Jan 11, 2016
Twice a month, the IndyBar sends representatives to naturalization ceremonies to give welcoming words to new citizens. This month's featured volunteer of the month is Tara Rabiola of Cairns & Rabiola LLP, who volunteered at a naturalization ceremony in December. Learn more about her experience below.

By Tara Rabiola, Cairns & Rabiola LLP

On Monday, December 14, I was afforded the amazing opportunity to attend and speak at a naturalization ceremony. To be surrounded by individuals representing over 30 countries was amazing. To be in the presence of individuals who sacrificed so much and worked so hard to become citizens of our country, something I take for granted every day, was humbling. And, to be allowed to share the stage with some impressive governmental and political figures while addressing this group of individuals was such an honor.

I couldn’t have asked for an easier experience. Caren Chopp did a wonderful job of providing me with the details and materials I needed for my speech, and the coordinator at the ceremony directed me to where I needed to be. It required no prep time and only a couple hours out of my day. However, it was an experience like no other. If you are anything like me you are always busy – with work, with family – and it is so easy to pass up opportunities that can really make an impact on you because it does not directly relate to your long list of obligations. But, do not pass up this opportunity! Take a few hours out of your day to spend time with some amazing people and be reminded of how lucky you are. The ceremony may be for the new citizens, but I believe I got just as much out of it as those individuals did.

If you are interested in volunteering for a naturalization ceremony, please email Caren Chopp at


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