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Posted on: Dec 16, 2015
IBA-trimble-john-2015A couple of days ago, I was rummaging through some old papers when I found my 2008 New Year’s resolutions. As I read over them, I thought to myself, “Johnny boy, I think you need to dust these off and try again, but let’s have a little better effort this time!”

So, as a hedge against complacency, I am sharing these resolutions so that one or more of you will hold me accountable. If any of these resolutions would apply to you, your practice and your firm, all the better! Steal them and make them yours so I can have some company.

I will capture all of my billable time.

I will get my bills out on time.

I will get better organized.

I will do a better job of proofreading.

I will reach out to get to know someone in the firm.

I will fulfill my committee assignments.

I will work to develop more business from an existing client.

I will write an article for a legal publication.

I will contribute to the firm newsletter.

I will contribute to a firm community project.

I will learn a new computer skill.

I will do something to improve my fitness.

I will invite someone different to lunch.

I will be a better supervisor.

I will keep better track of my diaries.

I will do a better job reporting to clients on all of my files.

I will be more responsive by timely returning calls and replying to email.

I will pay closer attention to deadlines.

I will work to cultivate a new client.

I will get more involved in a bar association committee.

I will be result-oriented in my case handling.

I will stay current on advance sheets and law updates.

I will update the firm holiday party list throughout the year (and will not forget anyone).

I will help implement the firm’s strategic plan.

I will honor my commitments.

I will cross market another practice area of the firm.

I will attend a firm-sponsored charitable event.

I will move out of my comfort zone.

I will try to be a better listener.

I will embrace and promote change.

I will help acknowledge and credit our staff for what they do.

I will strive to be a problem solver.

I will work with a purpose.

I will not harbor my concerns and criticisms.

I will accept criticisms.

I will be open to the ideas of others.

I will strive to be creative.

I will be inclusive.

I will take the stairs more than once a week.

I will see you in the stairwell!



A big round of applause please for the Paralegal Committee of the IndyBar. Within the last two weeks, they presented 3,506 stuffed animals and teddy bears to the Marion County fire, police, sheriff and EMS agencies to give to children suffering from the stress and upset of fire, crime or illness in their midst. This is yet one more small (but huge) effort by IndyBar members to make an impact on our community. We cannot thank them enough!


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