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Posted on: Sep 18, 2015
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Networking Burnout: Get a Boost Before the Holiday Season Hits

By Andrea L. Ciobanu, Ciobanu Law PC

For some attorneys, summer leaves them sunburned. For many, summer leaves them burned in a different way - burned out on networking from all the socials and events.

You can’t have good networking if you are exhausted, and you need to gear up for another busy season of networking with the holidays quickly approaching.

To reinvigorate your networking mojo, read these great tips on how to avoid networking burnout and make the most of your networking efforts in the last few months of 2015.

For even more networking advice, don't miss the upcoming How to Effectively Network CLE series, featuring Robby Slaughter of AccelaWork. The first session, Networking for Busy Professionals, is Thursday, September 24. Register today and get ready to take your networking game to a whole new level!

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