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Posted on: May 13, 2015
Every lawyer is a member of the bar, but not every lawyer is a member of the local bar association. For those who call themselves IndyBar members, the professional payoff extends throughout their careers in a multitude of ways. It’s obvious: IndyBar membership makes a difference.

Scroll through The Indiana Lawyer’s most recent Leadership in Law honorees for Distinguished Barristers and Up and Coming Lawyers and you’ll see that nearly 70 percent of those recognized belong to the IndyBar. Not only do they belong, but they credit their membership as one of the major components of their legal success.

See they had to say about the IndyBar difference below:

Matthew Neumann
2015 Young Lawyers Division Chair, 2015 IndyBar Board of Directors
Plews Shadley Racher & Braun LLP

“For me, involvement with local bar associations is a no-brainer. Being active with bar associations and getting to know other attorneys, both contemporaries and more experienced attorneys, is a necessary and foundational component of any legal career.”

Christine Hayes Hickey
2015 IndyBar Board of Directors, IndyBar Review Committee, Bar Leader Series Class XII Chair, Past IndyBar and IBF President
Partner, Rubin & Levin PC

“We are part of an amazing legal community here in Indianapolis. Our Indianapolis Bar Association connects you to that community, to great lawyers who become friends, diversity in thought and practice, leadership opportunities, stewardship, professionalism, personal growth, and so much more. You just can’t do that on your own.”

Michael J. Hebenstreit
Bar Leader Series Class XIII Chair, 2015 Senior Counsel Division Executive Committee Member, Past IndyBar President, Past IBF Board Member
Partner, Whitham Hebenstreit & Zubek LLP

“Lawyers are smart and educated individuals who have a wide range of interests beyond the law. Involvement with the IndyBar provides an opportunity for lawyers to interact with each other and to get to know colleagues on a more personal basis. Additionally, as lawyers, we have an obligation to give back, and involvement with the IndyBar is a perfect way to do that.”

Roxana S. Bell
2015 Women and the Law Division Executive Committee Member, Diversity Job Fair Committee Member, Bar Leader Series Class XII Participant
Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP

On joining the local bar association: "It’s a great way to form lasting relationships with other attorneys, and a successful legal career is built on relationships."

Edward B. Mulligan V
2015 IBF Board Member, 2015 Ask a Lawyer Program Co-Chair, Bar Leader Series Class XI Participant, Past IBF Golf Chair
Cohen & Malad LLP

"The most important lesson I learned as part of the IndyBar’s Bar Leader Series is that lawyers not only have an obligation to their clients but also to their community. It’s amazing how much of Indianapolis’ history has been influenced by the lawyers in our community...After serving as co-chair of the IndyBar’s Ask a Lawyer program the past two years, I feel strongly that, as lawyers, we need to ensure that legal services are accessible to those in the community who could otherwise not afford them. To this end, I think it’s important that attorneys find ways to donate their time and take on pro bono work when possible."

Tiffany D. Presley
Bar Leader Series Class XI Participant, Bar Leader Series Class XIII Steering Committee Member
Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

On what she learned from the Bar Leader Series: "I learned that a leader’s success can only truly be determined by the success of those under his or her leadership."

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