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Posted on: Apr 21, 2015

Questions about privacy and privilege for employee emails have been in the headlines for years and continue to present legal issues for employees across many industries.

So who can expect their work email to be private? The secretary of state can't. Harvard professors can't. And for many people, monitored email is just one of the ways employers legally spy on their employees.

As attorneys, it's important to understand the laws behind these issues. Whose property are the emails? What happens if an employer gets a subpoena for an employee's email? Does the attorney-client privilege apply if the client emails their attorney from work? These are the questions that go beyond the headlines and take an in-depth look at the privacy and privilege of employee email in the workplace.

Those questions - which you will face in your career, if you haven't already - will be answered at an upcoming IndyBar CLE. On Tuesday, May 5, the Family Law Section will host Electronic Pitfalls: Metadata 101 and Privacy and Privilege in the Workplace, featuring F. Anthony Paganelli of Paganelli Law Group and Sergeant Christopher Cecil of the Indiana State Police. In addition to email privacy and privilege issues, this program will provide a general explanation of what metadata is and how it can be deleted or altered.

If you're an attorney who is currently practicing, you know how much technology is shaping not only the law field but the work field as a whole. Stay on top of the legal issues involved so that you can best serve your clients when they need you! Register today to learn more.


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