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Posted on: Mar 19, 2015
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The latest legal scoop to keep you in the loop: Here are the top five stories from the IndyBar this month.

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Supreme Court Hears Second Major Challenge to the ACA
By Shaunestte Terrell, Marion County Prosecutor's Office
During the first week of March, the Supreme Court of the United States heard over an hour of arguments relating to a second major challenge to the Affordable Care Act. Find out more about the issue in this post.
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Notice: Information Regarding SB 436
By David J. Duncan, Bose McKinney & Evans LLP
This post has more information about Senate Bill 436, which puts into place a new valuation for "special purpose properties." This bill will continue to be monitored by the IndyBar and updates will be provided as they become available.
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Business Records Exception: Recent Ruling Address Issue of Third Party Records
By Sam Laurin, Bose McKinney & Evans LLP
A recent decision in Cox et. al. v. CA Holding Inc. et. al. addresses the issue of how to get business records admitted when a company’s custodian is trying to admit not only the company’s records but also records of a third party. Find out more in this post.
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Getting to Know Your Judicial Officers: Judge Gary Miller
By D. Elizabeth Cox, Cox & Koons
Check out the first installment of Getting to Know Your Judicial Officers, a year-long Q+A series provided by the Solo/Small Firm Practice Section that features local judicial officers. This entry features Judge Gary Miller of Marion County Superior Court 3.
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Selling Your Law Practice: A CLE is in the Works!
By Michael J. Hebenstreit, Whitham Hebenstreit & Zubek LLP
There are many details to be aware of and consider in either selling or buying a practice. Check out this post for information about an upcoming CLE on this topic and for an article with information about selling your practice.
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*If you’re hanging out with people who aren’t lawyers, here’s something even they will find interesting: Should sports teams sanction athletes for off-the-field conduct? This issue has been raised across the board when it comes to sports, most recently in regards to NASCAR's suspension of Sprint Cup driver Kurt Busch.


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