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Posted on: Oct 15, 2014
Civility. Courtesy. Respect. Professionalism.

These are words that should be synonymous with “Advocate,” but in a world of high stakes, strong opinions, and a general societal decline in basic manners, how can attorneys fight the good fight while living up to these ideals – especially if the other side doesn’t? We set out to find examples of lawyers who model the way while providing excellent representation.

Getting Along is Not Wrong, an initiative of the IndyBar Standing Committee on Professionalism, is the impressive collection of such positive and compelling behavior. Check out the entry below and continue checking back for future installments.

Laura E. Gorman, Barnes & Thornburg LLP -

One of the well-respected attorneys in our community that served as a mentor to me early on in my legal career was Jim Crum of Coots Henke & Wheeler PC. As an attorney who handles both criminal and civil matters, Jim is often before the court advocating on behalf of his clients. In doing so, I observed that although our profession is an adversarial profession, Jim was always able to zealously represent his clients without being uncivil to opposing parties. He maintained positive courtroom demeanor and was always prepared to respectfully argue the factual and legal issues before the court, thereby demonstrating further respect to the court. Jim could disagree with a party’s position or a court’s ruling without attacking such opinions or resorting to personal attacks. Jim is able to recognize what others in our legal community so often forget – incivility has a price and often only harms the client.


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