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Posted on: Sep 4, 2014
For the third year, IndyBar's Go Green committee is hosting the Green Legal Initiative to encourage law firms to commit to greener practices. We've been publishing tips and tricks over the last couple months to help accomplish this goal. The deadline for applications is coming up on September 13, so we are now in the final stretch! In this last edition, we will discuss easy ways to make your office supplies eco-friendly.

Up to 70% of the energy in the workplace is used by office equipment. That's more than the actual employees use, but that doesn't have to be the case. Use some of these tips to save energy and prevent unnecessary waste in some little (but effective!) ways:

  •  Use paperclips instead of staples when possible. Staples often end up going to waste when the individual papers must be separated for copies, edits or other changes.

  • Purchase refillable tape dispensers. This prevents more plastic from going to waste.

  • Use a customized rubber stamp for envelopes instead of disposable labels. This will be a small way to make a big difference when cutting down on your office's paper use.

  • Reuse folders and envelopes with metal clasps when possible by covering old labels with new ones.

  • Put computers and other electronics in "sleep" mode when not in use to save energy. Even better: have employees completely turn off their computers when leaving for the day.

  • Turn off the lights when a room is not being used, or install motion-sensing lights, if possible. Make sure employees do so in their offices when they leave.

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For other tips and tricks, check out the Go Green homepage here. To commit your firm to greener practices and join our Green Legal Firms list, just review the documents below and submit your application to The deadline for applications is September 13.

Green Legal Initiative: Program Details and Information
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