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Posted on: Jan 13, 2014
Every year on December 31st, as the clock ticks to midnight and revelers celebrate the start of a new year, scores of resolutions for better living, happier lives and new beginnings are made. But within even just a couple of weeks, studies show that only a quarter of us have held tightly to these bold proclamations.

This year, let the IndyBar help you succeed in fulfilling your resolutions for a more successful and satisfying career. The bar’s resources, programs and initiatives are standing by to help you see your resolutions through from idle promises to fruitful accomplishments. Renew your membership for 2014 here or click here to join the bar for the upcoming year.

Your Resolution: "I want to grow my business."

The IndyBar’s menu of referral programs have grown to offer something for nearly every practitioner.

  • Indy Lawyer Finder, online at, instantly boosts your online presence and delivers clients actively searching for representation on the web.

  • The call-in Lawyer Referral Service is an easy and affordable way to gain business, with just one yearly fee (plus 10 percent in fees for cases generating more than $100) and easy electronic reporting.

  • Modest Means—offered for both criminal law and family law—helps the public while you earn a reduced fee (but gain valuable experience). And finally,

  • The Legal Advice Hotline, which can be included in Lawyer Referral Service membership, puts an extra $15 in your pocket for just 20 minutes of your time assisting a caller with limited legal advice. See page four here for details.


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