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Posted on: Sep 20, 2013
By the IndyBar Professionalism Committee

If you only knew about family law from watching TV dramas, you might believe there is no such thing as civility in family law. Such shows thrive on the drama and portray attorneys who scream at each other, betray each other and do everything they can to undermine each other in front of a sitting judge as the norm.

However, in real life, civility plays a very real and important part of family law and attorneys who observe the rules of civility will find that they are able to zealously represent their clients without offending judges and other attorneys along the way.

As part of the Professionalism Committee’s ongoing series of videos on civility, Indianapolis family law attorneys Melissa Avery and Chris Barrows present a video exploring some of the ways in which family law attorneys can behave professionally and some of the rules of civility that members of the family law bar have come to expect from each other. If you are a new attorney to the family law bar or if you’ve been practicing for years, there is something for everyone in Melissa and Chris’ video.

New videos will be distributed regularly and are availalable in the IndyBar video gallery. If you have any suggestions for future topics regarding professionalism and civility, please email them to Caren Chopp at


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