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Posted on: Jul 13, 2011
Professionalism is a topic seldom discussed when someone is behaving in a professional manner.  However, it quickly becomes an issue of conversation when someone is behaving badly.  This Association has been working to highlight those eptimizing the best in our legal community through public recognition for several years now.  The next opportunity will come with the presentation of the IndyBar's Professionalism Award to a lawyer and the Silver Gavel award to a judge.

Sadly, very few nominations are received for these awards each year from the general membership.  Believe me, I know how busy our members are, but doesn't taking a moment to reflect on what's best in the profession and commiting a few thoughts to paper merit some time?  Simply learning of a nomination, let alone selection for these awards, would be a welcome acknowledgement of the positive impact a nominee has had during their career. 

Take a moment to make someone's day.  Nominations are needed by August 8.  Learn more here.

 --- Julie Armstrong, IndyBar Executive Director


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