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Professionalism News

Posted on: Dec 6, 2017

By Alexander C. Van Gorp

Most often, people focus their attention in conversations on how to reply rather than how to understand. Shifting this focus is a fantastic way to connect much better with others through deeper, more genuine connections. This frame of mind is particularly noticeable among attorneys as we attempt to build up a book up business, issue spot in consultations, or build up our bona fides to potential clients. However, in many cases telling people about yourself is not nearly as effective as just giving someone a chance to feel they are heard. Some other great tips in this article are: causally repeating someone's question before answering, waiting until after someone has spoken to formulate your answer, truthfully answering a question rather than evading, asking open-ended rather than yes-or-no questions, and taking time to make sure you ask the right questions rather than jumping to a question that leads to a tangentially useful answer.

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