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Posted on: Mar 27, 2019

The Bench Bar Conference, with its comprehensive array of educational offerings, is much more than "fun and games"...but there are, literally, fun games to be had! The Bench Bar IBF Trivia Night has become a fixture of the event, serving as an opportunity for conference-goers to gather and challenge each other to become the Trivia Champion. 

Before we travel to French Lick, let's get to know IBF Trivia MC and President-Elect Adam Christensen. Immediate Past IndyBar President James Bell recently sat down with Adam to learn some new things about our favorite trivia maestro.

James Bell: You are widely known as the greatest MC in Indianapolis Foundation Trivia history. What do you make your kids call you at home?

A. Trivia Maestro
B. Captain Trivia
C. Fabio
D. Other

Adam Christensen: D. These days, I answer to “Flabio.”

JB: The worst kept secret in academia is that you were accepted to Wabash College only because you hired a consultant who marketed you to the Admissions Office as a 6’8” 345 lb nose tackle. Do you ever feel ashamed of yourself?

AC: Hahahaha. Listen, counsel has advised that I not comment, but I'm comfortable saying this: my Liberal Arts education has left me uniquely suited for a position of leadership and trivial entertainment.

JB: How would you define “trivial entertainment?”

AC: Well, “trivia” from the Latin “three roads” and entertainment from the same meaning “to hold or support together.” So, I suppose “trivial entertainment” is an intersection of separate paths and people, joined by community, shared knowledge, and camaraderie. I also think there are a couple of drink tickets involved somewhere.

JB: In exchange for a drink ticket, can you tell me your favorite trivia question?

AC: Fave question: What’s the official flower of the Alzheimer’s Foundation? So good. Least fave: when a room full of litigators couldn’t ID pictures of Indiana county courthouses — sad day as an emcee and IndyBar supporter.

JB: And what is the official flower of the Alzheimer’s Foundation?

AC: Forget me not.

JB: Adam, I could never forget you. But what is the name of the flower?

AC: Forget me not is a kind of flower. That’s the answer to the trivia question.

JB: Oh.

AC: [Silence]

JB: Here is a trivia question: How many Starbucks are on the island of Manhattan? (Please Note: I adhere to Price Is Right rules. No overbidding) 

AC: Oohhhhh...the Isle of Manhattan? 220.

JB: Really?! You did that without Googling? How are you so smart…and yet so charming?

AC: I say my prayers, and I take my vitamins (You could say I am the Hulk Hogan of trivia).

JB: The Indy 500 has the Borg-Werner Trophy (which has creepy heads crawling out of it like bugs from larva) and the NFL has the Vince Lombardi Trophy (which Bob Sanders once French-kissed on a rainy night in Miami). What is the IBF Trivia Trophy called?

AC: The James Bell Memorial Smoking Jacket.

JB: Who is favored to win the Smoking Jacket this go around?

AC: The field’s wide open.

JB: And where and when should we convene for the next installment of IBF Trivia?

AC: The next installment of IBF Trivia is coming up at the Bench Bar Conference on Friday, June 21, immediately following the Friday evening dinner at the French Lick Springs Resort. Add a $20 ticket on to your Bench Bar registration or buy a ticket at the conference to join in on the fun. 



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