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Posted on: Feb 2, 2018

By Rebecca W. Geyer, 2018 Indianapolis Bar Foundation President

I remember when my husband and I searched for our first home. We worked together to sketch out our wishlist, ranging from the must-haves to the less crucial (but nonetheless important) items. As we started visiting homes, some things were added to the list and some were removed as we narrowed in on our future and the role this home would play. When we finally found “the one,” we knew it was perfect. Not only did it satisfy the non-negotiables, I knew this was a home that would grow with our family and serve us well into the future. It would be our home base, where our children would grow and learn, and where we would make memories as a family.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Indianapolis Bar Foundation and the 140th year of the Indianapolis Bar Association. Much like a family, these organizations—and the profession—continue to evolve each year. And much like a home, the wishlist and must-haves for the physical space needed for them to successfully serve our community has changed greatly over time. Now, more lawyers are retiring than entering practice, technology has impacted the way we deliver legal services, law has become more specialized and there is an increasing demand from clients for non-traditional pricing and access to services. These changes have led to our members asking for more from the Indianapolis Bar Association, including assistance with developing and managing a law practice, more continuing education and even space that allows them to meet with clients and collaborate with other professionals. The association has heard these requests, and the Indianapolis Bar Foundation (IBF) is the fundraising arm that stands ready to deliver them.

This year, both the IBF and the IndyBar will embark on a capital campaign to raise $500,000 for a new home.  While the campaign will honor the Foundation’s 50 year history, its aim is to pay for new space to better serve our members’ needs.  This new space will serve as a hub for central Indiana lawyers, providing convenient access, private and collaborative work spaces, state of the art technology and opportunities for our members to interact with each other and their clients.  Built with the wishes of our members in mind, this new home will address the changing legal landscape and help attorneys successfully navigate the legal profession of the 21st century.  But the requests of our members cannot be met without your support.  We need your help to ensure that our impact on the future is as exceptional as our contributions to the past.

This is your golden opportunity to impact the future of legal services in the Indianapolis community and we hope you will step up to ensure its success. Please consider supporting the IBF in 2018.  Whether it’s by attending our golf outing, by partying with your friends at the Evening Under the Stars Gala & Auction, or by donating on our Day of Giving, there are opportunities for you to give at a level which meets your budget.  The support of our members is imperative to meeting the needs of central Indiana attorneys for the next 50 years and beyond.


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