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Posted on: Mar 25, 2014

This month’s featured donor is Vanessa Lopez Aguilera of Lopez Law Office. For many years, Vanessa has supported the IBF with her time, talent and treasures.

We learned more about Vanessa from the following Q & A:

Why do you support the Foundation?
I support the Foundation because it is an avenue in which I can work with other attorneys who like to participate and give back to the legal community.

What is your favorite law school memory?
Working in the criminal law clinic.

What is your least favorite law school memory?
The whole first year!

Why did you become a lawyer?
I wanted to be a problem solver. I also felt that the legal community was lacking in diversity. However, my mom may say I just like to argue.

What is the most interesting trip you’ve ever taken?
I went to Europe in 2000 and went to 4 countries in 12 days. Had a blast. The rest is confidential.

What’s the first thing you do when you get home on a Friday?
Hug and kiss my 3 year old daughter and tell her I missed her all day long.

What is your most memorable case or client?
I try and remember all my cases. I help families in time of crisis they are important and memorable.

What myth about lawyers would you like to dispel?
That we are unethical.

Apple pie or chocolate cake?
Chocolate cake.

What is your favorite movie?
Right now it’s “Frozen.”

What is the most challenging part of being a lawyer?
Being a bill collector. As a solo practitioner you’re not only a lawyer but you are a business owner. You are a for profit entity. I have to be up front and diligent with my clients about paying my bill.

Name one thing on your desk that you can’t live without.
Diet Pepsi

The IBF recognizes Vanessa for her continued support and thanks her for her commitment to strengthening the legal community in Indianapolis!


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