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Funding the Future

Funding the Future: Building for Tomorrow on the Foundation of our Past

A Message from our Campaign Chairmen: Jeffrey Abrams and Lee C. Christie

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Indianapolis Bar Foundation and the 140th year of the Indianapolis Bar Association. Much like a family, these organizations—and the profession—continue  to evolve each year. And much like a home, the wishlist and must-haves for the physical space needed for them to successfully serve our community have changed greatly over time. 

Now, more lawyers are retiring than entering practice, technology has impacted the way we deliver legal services, law has become more specialized, and there is an increasing demand from clients for non-traditional pricing and access to services. These changes have led to our members asking for more from the Indianapolis Bar Association, and the Indianapolis Bar Foundation is the fundraising arm that stands ready to deliver.

The “Funding the Future” Campaign  is focused on creating a new space for the IndyBar to better serve our members’ and the community’s needs now and in the future legal climate. 

This new space will serve as a hub for central Indiana lawyers, providing convenient access, private and collaborative work spaces, state of the art technology and opportunities for our members to interact with each other and their clients. Built with the wishes of our members in mind, this new home will address the changing legal landscape and help attorneys successfully navigate the legal profession of the 21st century.  

But the requests of our members cannot be met without your support.  We need your help to ensure that our impact on the future is as exceptional as our contributions to the past. This is your golden  opportunity to impact the future of legal services in the Indianapolis community, and we hope you will step up to ensure its success. We are proud to be a part of this campaign, and we hope you will join us in this transformative project to meet the needs of lawyers and those we serve.





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Five Things You Need to Know


  • We Impact the Community
  • We Impact People
  • Our Impact is Big
  • Our Impact Could be HUGE
  • Our Impact is Yours

Today's Reality

  • Inadequate office and meeting space
  • Lack of adequate parking
  • Location makes access more difficult
  • No privacy or space for client meetings
  • Lack of space for members to socialize and interact

Tomorrow's Vision
A functional, accessible and empowering headquarters facility designed with our members’ needs in mind, including:

  • An open and welcoming space with convenient access and parking
  • A bright and inviting reception area
  • Versatile meeting spaces including collaborative work areas, private client meeting rooms, and inviting areas for our members to interact
  • Updated technology and infrastructure, including access to technology to service client needs and charging stations for our members
  • Kitchen space with access to food and beverages where members can relax, eat and drink
  • Barrier-free access for clients, staff and visitors with disabilities

View concepts for the new space here.


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