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Memo from Marion Superior Court: Family Court Transition - Family Law News

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Family Law News

Posted on: Dec 16, 2020

In January 2021, the Marion Superior Court will convert three of its existing courts into three Family Transition Courts. The courts will be D10, D14 and D16 (formerly Criminal Division G16). The court assignments will be as follows:

D10: Judge Ryan Gardner
D14: Judge Alicia Gooden
D16: Judge Marshelle Broadwell
Beginning on November 15, 2020, all newly filed DC and DN cases are being randomly assigned to these three courts.
For PENDING DC, DN, DR case currently assigned to D01, D02, D03, D04, D05, D06, D07, D11, D12, D13 a transfer will take place by random assignment to one of the Family Transition Courts.  Notice will be sent by the Clerk to all parties indicating which court their case has been assigned on or by December 20, 2020.  The transfer will happen on or by December 30, 2020.
For DECIDED DC, DN, DR cases in courts D01, D02, D03, D04, D05, D06, D07, D11, D12, D13, upon receipt of any post decree pleading and/or request for hearing, the court will move the case to a Clerk queue for transfer to one of the Family Transition Courts by random assignment. This process began December 7, 2020 to ensure hearing dates are being issued and hearings are being set on the proper calendar.  The three Transition Court Judges will be issuing new hearing dates where appropriate or where requested as soon as possible.  However, all three Judges are completing year-end work in their current court assignments, so attorneys and parties may not receive new court dates until early 2021.     
All Judges were given the opportunity to indicate any case they wish to keep.  If a Judge (or Magistrate) has indicated they wish to keep a case, whether it is in PENDING or DECIDED status, the transfer will not occur.

Additionally, all “non-domestic” Orders for Protection and WVPO will be transferred to Civil Courts D01, D02, D03, D04, D05, D06, D07, D11, D12, and D13. POs that are domestic in nature will be filed randomly into D10, D14 and D16 (unless the PO filing has a related family case, and then the PO will be assigned to the same court as the existing family case). 

Judge Alicia Gooden will share additional information related to the Family Division on December 22, 2020 during the Family Law Section Meeting.  

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