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I’m Not Just an Attorney, I’m Also Human - Family Law News

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Family Law News

Posted on: Mar 18, 2020

By Tara Rabiola, Rabiola Law LLC

I think we can all agree this job can be tough sometimes. We deal with people during some of their toughest times. We deal with people who are sad, confused, angry and/or scared. Many are experiencing a whole new world for the first time, sometimes completely unwillingly. And since we do this all day every day, sometimes we can become a little blind to the validity of their feelings.

We are regularly advising people on how they should handle issues with their children and with their money, which are two of the most important things to people. Some clients are quick to believe or trust us. But others feel as if there is no way we can understand because it hasn’t happened to us, we are just the lawyer. For this reason, I have found sharing some personal experiences can be helpful in getting clients to see things differently or be more open to other options.

While some of us may not be comfortable sharing personal information, I have never minded it. I have divorced parents. I am divorced. I have two young kids and I co-parent them with my ex-husband. We follow a parenting time schedule that works well for us. I have found that sharing some of my experiences goes a long way with making a client feel more comfortable and even allows them to move away from a position they had previously refused to abandon.

I don’t share personal information in every case. I do my best to judge when it is appropriate and when it can be helpful. But I have had numerous clients express their appreciation when I do. They feel a little more understood and feel like I am talking with them sometimes instead of always talking AT them.

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