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Bill Watch, March 7, 2017: Current Family Law Legislation of Note - Family Law News

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Family Law News

Posted on: Mar 7, 2017

The IndyBar Legislative Committee is currently monitoring the following family law related legislation. IndyBar members can request that the Legislative Committee track specific legislation by contacting committee chair Lawren Mills at

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HB1048    ADOPTION CRIMINAL HISTORY CHECK. (AYLESWORTH M) Removes a requirement that a criminal history check in an adoption or guardianship proceeding must include a request for information from a national registry of substantiated child abuse and neglect reports.

HB1245    NOTICE OF ADOPTION TO GRANDPARENTS. (KARICKHOFF M) Provides that a grandparent of a child sought to be adopted is entitled to notice of pending adoption proceedings.

SB49    PLAN FOR THE PERMANENT PLACEMENT OF A CHILD. (GLICK S) Requires that a post-termination permanency plan is filed simultaneously with a petition for termination of a parent-child relationship.

SB235    GUARDIANSHIPS. (CRIDER M) Requires a guardian of a protected adult to permit all appropriate contact, communication, and social interaction between the protected adult and individuals with whom the protected adult had significant past family or social relationships, subject to a determination by the guardian, after consideration of all relevant facts and circumstances, that contact, communication, or social interaction with the protected adult should be limited, supervised, or prohibited in order to prevent harm to the protected adult's health, person, or property. Provides that any act or omission by the guardian in permitting contact, communication, and social interaction with the protected adult is subject to review and modification or other action by the court.

SB246    CHILD NEGLECT DEFENSE. (HOLDMAN T) Specifies under the safe haven law that it is only a defense to a claim of neglect of a dependent if the individual left the child with a person who is an emergency medical services provider.

SB312    USE OF CRIMINAL HISTORY INFORMATION IN HIRING. (BOOTS P) Provides that a political subdivision may not prohibit an employer from obtaining or using criminal history information during the hiring process to the extent allowed by federal or state law, rules, or regulations. Provides that a political subdivision may not prohibit an employer, at the time an individual makes an initial application for employment, from making an inquiry regarding the individual's criminal history information or requiring the individual to disclose criminal history information.


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