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A Tip to Remember: Probate Applications - Estate Planning and Administration News

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Estate Planning and Administration News

Posted on: Feb 7, 2018

By Hon. Steven R. Eichholtz, Marion Superior Court

When petitioning the Court to open new estates and when filing petitions for the appointment of a guardian, please remember to file with your petitions and Application for Appointment of Personal Representative (Marion County Probate Form 401.1-A) and an Application for Appointment of Guardian (Marion County Probate Form 401.1-B), respectively.

Also please be sure to add the contact information including email of the guardians and personal representatives.
In addition, please note that the Forms do not request information that would generally be considered confidential by statute or Court rule; therefore, in most circumstances they should not be filed as documents that are confidential or that warrant exclusion from public access. In the rare instance where exclusion of the Forms or portions of the Forms from public access might be appropriate, one must fully comply with Administrative Rule 9(G)(4) when requesting the Court to so determine.

Please help Probate Court help you get your clients’ estates opened and guardianship matters handled efficiently, by following this guidance and sharing it with your colleagues. Thank you.  

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