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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes: January 2015 - Business Law News

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Business Law News

Posted on: Feb 19, 2015

By Regina Sharrow, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP

Want to find out what the Business Law Section is up to lately? Here's what you need to know:

1. March 4, 2015 – McKinney Law School Coffee. Please remember to attend and let your colleagues know about our coffee with the law students at McKinney! Members of the IndyBar Business Law Section are invited to a coffee hour with students at the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law from 8 to 9 a.m. on Wednesday March 4, 2015. Coffee, Long’s donuts and free parking will be provided. Contact Sean Southern at with questions or for more information.

2. Business Law Section CLE Series. Our brochure has been sent out to our members and is on the website here. If you do not remember which month you have, let me know. Remember that you will need to send in planning sheets 8 weeks in advance of the seminar, which include speaker bios and speaker headshots (if available). Any handouts must be delivered to the IndyBar ONE WEEK before the seminar. Note new policies from the IndyBar:

  • Print Materials for Seminars: In support of the IndyBar’s ongoing Go Green initiatives, the IndyBar Board of Directors voted in November 2014 to discontinue the automatic distribution of printed materials at IndyBar seminars. Effective Jan. 1, 2015, registrants are now given the option to have printed materials provided for them at an additional fee. Otherwise, the online link for handouts will be made available onsite. For this reason it is imperative that speakers meet the one week deadline prior to a program to be certain all participants have timely access to seminar information.
  • Nametags: Special ribbons have been ordered that will be on hand at all of your CLEs and social this year. They allow you to be identified as chair and your executive committee members to be identified as committee members. Please plan to use these each time you attend an event. You will find them at the IndyBar’s registration table. The intent is for members to better identify those volunteering to lead.

3. Philanthropy Subcommittee. We now have a Philanthropy Subcommittee, which Eli Isaacs has agreed to chair. The subcommittee will have two functions: philanthropy and community service.  Please feel free to bring ideas for recipients of our goodwill ($$) and our time to the next meeting or email Eli. We will collect our ideas and decide as a group where to spend our money and time. Note that in the past we had been told any contribution had to be to a law-related organization. However, Mary Kay clarified for us that with respect to funds in our bank account, there is no such restriction. 

  • Funds. Our Business Law Section has accumulated $22K in our bank account, which is much more than other sections have on hand. (We collect about $2700 per year from membership dues). We would like to find ways to invest this money into organizations that provide assistance to those in need in our community. We’ve been informed that other sections give about $1,000.  Because of our overabundance of funds, we may be contributing to multiple organizations!
  • Community Service. We also think it would be a great idea to offer volunteer opportunities to our section members. There are plenty of organizations in need of helping hands out there. We think it would be great to get out and meet some of our colleagues in other firms while doing good for the community. If we have good turnout for this event, maybe we could publicize it – the world needs more “lawyers can be good people” messages.

4. Diversity Event Subcommittee. We decided to host a diversity event this year and Vernicka Shaw agreed to oversee this event/subcommittee. There is another IndyBar section focused solely on diversity. We would coordinate with that section for the event. More to come. Feel free to email any suggestions to Vernicka.

5. Communications Subcommittee. We have many opportunities to provide our members with valuable information. Jarod Brown volunteered to chair the Communications Subcommittee. 

  • Website. We have a page on the IndyBar website that we should populate with articles, pictures of events/people, etc. Please log on and see what it looks like so you can let us know how to improve it!
  • Articles. We have an individual at the IndyBar, Rachel, who keeps an eye out for interesting or timely articles/topics for all sections. She sends ideas to me, which I will send to you. If you are interested in writing on that topic or any other (or if your firm has written something you think worthy), you should let me know. We would send your article out to the membership and post it to the website. I understand Rachel could also ghost write for us with our legal oversight and review (she is not a lawyer).
  • Newsletter. We are considering a newsletter that would go out to members regularly. We will need input from you all about this re: value, content, timing, etc.

6. Virtual CLEs. We are looking into whether it makes sense to increase the number of virtual CLEs we can earn credit for in Indiana. Larry Tomlin and I are heading up this effort. Larry is researching other states’ requirements and will let us know at the next meeting whether we are behind other states or right in there. If we do decide to to do this, we would have to propose it to the IndyBar Board before we went to the Supreme Court for action.

7. Executive Committee Meetings. We have discussed in the past that monthly meetings may be overkill for our group. At the last meeting, we considered meeting less frequently. We propose (for consideration by the rest of the committee) in person meetings:

  • in September, November (because we need to plan the CLE series beginning this time) and
  • in January and February (to kick off our subcommittees and their events for the year).

We would likely have a teleconference meeting in June just to catch up and get updates.

Thanks for being a part of the Business Law Section! I look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events and throughout the year.

This post was written by Regina Sharrow of Faegre Baker Daniels LLP. If you would like to submit content or write an article for the Business Law Section page, please email Rachel Beachy at


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