IndyBar News

July 15, 2014

Go Plus CLE and Get More!

It has been almost an entire year since we first introduced Plus CLE memberships for all sections and divisions, and many members continue to take advantage of the great benefits of being Plus CLE. 

Want to join them? Here's what you need to know if you're considering purchasing Plus CLE membership in 2015:

  • Basic Section/Division Memberships cost $25. Plus CLE costs $60. That's a one-time $35 increase that you will save after attending just one CLE, not to mention others throughout the year.
  • Plus CLE members get to attend the group's one-hour CLE events at no additional cost for the entire year*. We repeat: $0 for CLE events.
  • Each section and division will have a minimum of four CLE events each year, making the minimum savings of a Plus CLE member $80.
  • Plus CLE members can watch unlimited online CLE programs from their section/division at no cost (CLE credit not included with free re).
  • Plus CLE section/division membership gives you an all-access pass to that group’s programming in the Online CLE catalog. View any of your section/division’s programs for information only (no CLE credit) and get the information you need when you need it!

*Pre-registration for events is appreciated, though walk-ins are welcome.

Can't wait till 2015? Contact to upgrade your Basic section/division membership or to join a Plus CLE section/division

When renewing your membership for next year, take advantage of these benefits and go Plus CLE in 2015!