Attorneys Needed for Naturalization Ceremonies

“Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”

—from Emma Lazarus’ poem on Statue of Liberty


New citizens are greeted and congratulated at the conclusion of a naturalization ceremony held at the U.S. District Courthouse in March 2013.

Twice a month, a ceremony at the U.S. Courthouse welcomes newly naturalized American citizens. It’s an awe-inspiring ceremony – and you can be a part of it during 2015.

Indianapolis Bar Association attorney members participate in the naturalization ceremonies by handing out a booklet containing the U.S. and Indiana constitutions and presenting brief remarks. Volunteers are currently being recruited to represent the IndyBar in 2015 during these ceremonies, typically held on Thursdays twice a month at 10 a.m. in a courtroom of the U.S. District Court downtown.

This is a happy occasion that the IndyBar is proud to be a part of, and it’s an exceedingly positive moment to witness as a volunteer. The presiding federal judges are typically in high spirits and the new citizens are happy and proud, surrounded by beaming family members.

The volunteer commitment is approximately one hour. Constitution booklets for the new citizens need to be picked up at the IndyBar office. A sample speech is provided.

If you would like to represent the IndyBar at the naturalization ceremonies during 2015, please email Caren Chopp at Please indicate if you have a preference or availability for a specific month.

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IndyBar Member Headlines: Thursday, January 15

Share your news with the IndyBar by contacting Mary Kay Price, Director of Marketing & Communications, at

Joshua W. Casselman was named partner of Rubin & Levin PC.

David L. Guevara was named partner of Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP.

Jacob McClellan and Alexis Sumner were named partners of Bose McKinney & Evans LLP.

Louis T. Perry was named partner at Faegre Baker Daniels LLP.

Lesley A. Pfleging was elected partner at Lewis Wagner LLP.

Sarah Starkey was named partner of Cohen Garelick & Glazier PC.

Michael J. Messaglia, Kostas A. Poulakidas, Stephen A. Stitle and Libby Yin Goodnight, partners, were elected to the leadership team of Krieg DeVault LLP. They join Deborah J. Daniels, managing partner.

Chris W. Cotterill of Faegre Baker Daniels LLP was named general counsel of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

Thomas C. Hays of Lewis Wagner LLP was installed as president of the Indiana Defense Trial Association.

Michele Lorbieski Anderson has joined Frost Brown Todd LLC.

Allison DeYoung has joined Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman PC.






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Abrams: Resolutions for the New Year from the IndyBar

By Jeffrey A. Abrams, Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP


While I am effectively a lame duck president writing this article and while my successor, John Trimble, effectively began his term at 12:01 AM on Jan. 1st, he is not sworn in until Jan. 29, 2015, and thus I have the role of continuing to write two more articles for your reading pleasure.

As we spring into the New Year, everyone is challenged to provide a New Year’s resolution (or two or three). While I rarely make personal resolutions, I thought it would be appropriate to provide New Year’s resolutions for the IndyBar and allow our leadership team to figure out how to implement them. So here is my my holiday gift to John Trimble, Julie Armstrong and the rest of the IndyBar leadership team and staff.

1. We promise to provide better and more CLEs for the benefit of all of our members. With the Plus CLE section and division membership option, there are numerous opportunities for each section and division’s executive committee to provide new and creative programs. I know they are being challenged to create no less than four and up to 10 CLEs during the course of the year. Look for this information on bi-weekly IndyBar emails and the website.


2014 IndyBar President Jeff Abrams, left, smiles with Indy Eleven owner Ersal Ozdemir at the inaugural Lawyers to Business reception. Watch for more Lawyers to Business events coming in 2015.

2. Lawyers to Business will be really active in 2015. This new committee came together last year to develop the first Lawyers to Business program for our attorneys by encouraging business groups and other potential clients and referral sources to participate with us in an after-hours get together. Last year, we had the Indiana CPA Society attend an event where Ersal Ozdemir and Peter Wilt, representatives from Indy Eleven, spoke to the group about the fledging soccer team. The information they provided was truly informative and well worth everyone’s time at the event. Networking with the CPAs has led to business opportunities for attorneys and thus we achieved our goal. It is my understanding that Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Loretta Rush has agreed to speak at the next get-together being planned with another business organization.

3. The Indianapolis Bar Foundation will be led this year by Erin Clancy and her board of directors and will continue to enhance and improve the Lawyer Links Golf Outing and Evening Under the Stars Dinner Gala after having achieved remarkable results and success last year through the leadership of Dave Duncan and his team. Look for these two events to be sellouts again, so register early and spend time with fellow attorneys on the golf course and at the dinner.

4. The membership committee is actively engaging participants to help develop creative new ideas for enhancement of the IndyBar and the services that we provide to our members. Nissa Ricafort and Chris Hickey began the process last year, achieving notable success, and will continue to develop this committee and new ideas. Look for new benefits from IndyBar as a result of the creative minds on the membership committee.

5. Volunteer opportunities are bountiful. Anyone reading this message can get involved. Contact Mary Kay Price or Julie Armstrong at the IndyBar office (269-2000) or a member of leadership—President John Trimble at 237-0500, President-Elect Judge Robyn Moberly at 229-3880 or First Vice-President Nissa Ricafort at 571-3601, or you can even call me at 632-3232. Any of us would welcome the opportunity to help you spend some valuable time enhancing the IndyBar and your experience. There are unlimited opportunities to participate and I am sure you will find it incredibly rewarding.

Happy New Year!

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Save Time and Simplify Your Practice with IndyBar Resources and Member Benefits

It’s resolution time. Whether you’ve resolved to become more efficient, to save money or to become more effective in your practice, the IndyBar has a member benefit or resource available to help you along the path to resolution success. Check out the lineup below.

Is there a resource or service that would help make your practice more efficient or successful? Let us know! Contact to share your suggestions.

Save Some Green: The IndyBar has teamed up with National Purchasing Partners to offer members group discounts on must-haves like office supplies from Staples, wireless devices and plans from Verizon, office furnishings from Kimball Office and hotels, airfare and more from Expedia. Save money simply as a benefit of your IndyBar membership. Just visit to get started.

Plus, there’s “Plus”: Plus CLE, that is! Plus CLE section or division membership entitles you to membership in a section or division PLUS all of that group’s one-hour programming throughout the year. All groups will offer a minimum of four programs. This translates to a savings of $1,080 for current IndyBar members and an average savings of $2,295 over the non-member CLE rates per three-year educational cycle! But wait, there’s more—Plus CLE section/division members can learn even more by viewing all of their groups’ programming in the Online CLE catalog at no charge (for information only, no credit awarded).

Stay in the Know: Did you know that IndyBar members contributed more than 900 articles to the IndyBar website in 2014? Or that you can subscribe to news in specific topic areas and have articles delivered to you inbox and populated on your member profile page? It’s easy! Just visit to update your news subscriptions. These subscriptions will translate into a personalized IndyBar E-Bulletin enewsletter each week with the latest posts from your choices, plus, your subscriptions will feed into a personalized profile page at!

Speaking of staying in the know, the IndyBar’s online CLE catalog is the perfect option for the times you can’t make it out of your office to attend one of the IndyBar’s many live CLE programs. Most programs are uploaded to the online catalog within one week of the live program date. Check out the catalog at

Do More on the Go: The IndyBar’s mobile-optimized website is designed specifically to make common website activities a breeze on your tablet or smartphone. Search and register for events, access the online directory (more on that below) to find contact information and even get turn-by-turn directions to the IndyBar office. Plus, the public can easily request a referral or visit from the “Find a Lawyer” area.

Take the Next Step: Time to move up the ladder? Check out the IndyBar job bank for local postings for attorneys, paralegals and support staff. Members can also share resumes with prospective employers in the Job Bank area of the website at

Figure Out Who’s Who: The database of attorney, paralegal and student contact information is available online at The directory provides a photo (if available), phone, fax, email, mailing address and practice area information. The directory lists both IndyBar members and non-members with designation for both. View the directory on the bar’s mobile website or visit

“Download and Go” Legal Forms: The IndyBar’s website contains a Document Library of over 100 legal forms for use by members. These online forms, which can be found at, are “fill in the blank” and print-ready to use as documents. There are forms for a wide-range of needs: estate planning, mortgage transactions, liens and more.

IndyBar forms are not only convenient—they translate into an average of 16 hours of time saved per practice area! The forms are for use by licensed attorneys and are accessible online to members of the Indianapolis Bar Association only.

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miniBar Talk: This Week’s Top Post

Bar Talk Header

New Rules Go Into Effect Thursday, January 1, 2015

By Richard A. Mann, Richard A. Mann PC

Note: This article was originally published prior to the effective rule changes. Readers can still benefit by reviewing the changes and ensuring that they are up to date on the latest rules.

The Indiana Supreme Court has approved changes to many Indiana Rules. Regardless of your area of practice, these rules may affect you and current cases. The rules affected range from small claims court to tax court to the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct.

Go here for a list of the rules and the effective dates. After January 1, you can go here.  A helpful tip is to periodically check both sites and download the rules to your desktop, tablet and favorite smart phone device. This site can be more recent than the books you buy. Of course, the site reminds these court rules are posted for informational purposes only. Official rules and citations are available from Thomson/West.

This post was contributed by Richard A. Mann, Richard A. Man PC. If you would like to submit content or write an article for the Family Law Section page, please email Mary Kay Price at

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Keep an eye out for our newest e-newsletter for members, Bar Talk, featuring the top IndyBar posts each month!

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Getting Along is Not Wrong: Fierce Advocates with Respectful Demeanor

Civility. Courtesy. Respect. Professionalism.

These are words that should be synonymous with “Advocate,” but in a world of high stakes, strong opinions, and a general societal decline in basic manners, how can attorneys fight the good fight while living up to these ideals – especially if the other side doesn’t? We set out to find examples of lawyers who model the way while providing excellent representation.

Getting Along is Not Wrong, an initiative of the IndyBar Standing Committee on Professionalism, is the impressive collection of such positive and compelling behavior. Other entries can be found in the blog archives.

Daniel W. Kiehl, Law Office of Deborah M. Agard –

I recently had the privilege of participating in a three-day guardianship trial with three other attorneys. The case involved two sets of grandparents who asked the trial court to award them custody of a little boy whose parents were killed in a bus crash. There was great animosity between the parties, and at the time of the trial, there was very little- if any- trust between both sets of grandparents. However, the attorneys respectfully advocated their client’s positions without shouting at or using derogatory terms toward opposing counsel or their clients. The communication and respect between the attorneys never became hostile, and each attorney showed respect towards the court and toward each other at all times.

Specifically, there was a piece of evidence that was hotly contested by both parties. My co-counsel tried through three separate witnesses to have this evidence admitted, and the court ruled it was inadmissible. On the fourth attempt (through a different witness), the evidence was admitted. Opposing counsel could have easily begun shouting and using other sorts of antics to show their frustration with my co-counsel’s continued attempts at putting this document into evidence, but they remained professional and continued to voice their objections in a manner that was both strong and professional. Additionally, after a lunch break, my co-counsel was able to have the court exclude nearly half of the opposing counsel’s witnesses because the witnesses violated a separation of witnesses order by speaking with each other about their testimony during the lunch break. Again, opposing counsel could have easily lost their temper, but they remained calm and carried on with their case in a professional and ethical manner.

This trial was a great example of attorneys who are fierce advocates for their clients but also respectful toward the court and toward opposing counsel no matter how litigious the case becomes. Not only does the court appreciate this because it helps move the trial along without undue delays or frivolous motions and hearings, but it also instills confidence and trust with the public. It shows others that attorneys can be fierce advocates without having to shout, name-call or lie in the course of the attorney’s representation of the client.

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Abrams: A Loss for Civility

By Jeffrey A. Abrams, Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP


Last month, Zeff Weiss, a friend of mine, a friend to his partners, a friend to the Real Estate and Land Use Section, a friend to many, and a father of four and husband of a fellow attorney passed away from a short battle with cancer. Zeff Weiss was a brilliant attorney. I sat through Phil Bayt’s eulogy, which may have been the longest eulogy I have ever witnessed, but it had such prophetic comments about Zeff and how he practiced law I thought it would be memorable to note the parallels of his life and the philosophies that the IndyBar strives for in civility and compassion within our profession.

Zeff has four children, one of whom is a practicing attorney and two of whom are currently in law school. His only other child is not old enough for law school, but after having spent some time with him following the funeral, it is clear that should he decide to follow Zeff’s footsteps, he will be another outstanding lawyer in a long string of Weiss attorneys. Zeff set the bar high and lived his life as an example for his children. They all admired his life as an attorney and have honored him by wanting to become attorneys. We have challenging lives. It is not always rosy with flowers blooming. But Zeff loved this challenging career and despite the challenges, he still gave his children a reason and desire to study the law.

Many of us were fortunate, yet challenged, to deal with Zeff during our careers. He was a partner at Ice Miller with a substantial number of clients who were also his friends. He was a scholar, but he did not lecture you. Zeff usually represented the 1,000-pound gorilla as compared to some of us representing clients with very little leverage. And while Zeff knew how to leverage his position, he did so with logical arguments to support his position. He never spoke in a demeaning or condescending way but always let you know that he held most of the cards.

I also learned from Phil’s comments that Zeff Weiss was a sage scholar to his children. He taught his children that they needed TO FINISH, whether they were studying for a final exam after having worked all semester to achieve a good grade or finishing something at work that required a significant effort. They always needed to be able to finish and finish well. We should all follow that simple principle – FINISH – and we will be much better off as attorneys, friends, spouses and parents.

Zeff Weiss will be missed by a lot of people. A lot of us will miss the civility that he displayed to his fellow attorneys in artfully advocating for his client, yet despite the vigorous negotiations, he knew the ultimate goal was to achieve success for all parties by closing a transaction. I can only hope that his message will not be forgotten since he is no longer around to tell it. I hope that other seasoned attorneys follow in his footsteps to nurture other attorneys where civility is a high priority and practicing law with respect and humility is the golden rule.

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IndyBar Member Headlines: Thursday, December 18

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Judge David Cook of the Marion County Superior Court 7 Criminal Division has been named Director of the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission.

Tamara McMillian of Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP will take over as Marion Superior Court Paternity Court Commissioner effective January 1. McMillian will leave the firm at that time and will replace Sheryl Lynch, who will become Marion Circuit Court Judge.

Six associates have joined Barnes & Thornburg LLP’s Indianapolis office: Caitlin R. Brandon, intellectual property; Ian D. Clouse, intellectual property; David A. Frazee, litigation; Jacob A. German, governmental services & finance; Naomi Y. Kwang, corporate department; and Alicia M. Raines, litigation.

John B. Bishop of Cohen Garelick & Glazier PC has been elected by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Indiana State Chapter, to be the president of the organization’s Young Leadership Committee.

Ronald E. Elberger of Bose McKinney & Evans LLP was named “Volunteer of the Year” by the National Kidney Foundation of Indiana Inc.  for his outstanding contribution of time and resources to the foundation.

Richard C. Richmond III of Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP has been elected president of Woodstock Club, effective Dec. 1.

Jessica M. Dugdale  and Derek B. Lavender have joined Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP as associates.

Justin A. Allen and Matthew D. Neumann have joined Plews Shadley Racher & Braun LLP as associate attorneys.

Kyli Willis has joined Cordell & Cordell PC as an associate.

Alexander C. Trueblood has joined Cohen & Malad LLP as an associate.

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IndyBar Members Show the Spirit of Giving Year-Round

Be it spring, summer, fall or winter, IndyBar members have been hands-on from the start this year. Several IndyBar sections and divisions as well as Indianapolis Bar Foundation Fellows organized community service events that served in a variety of ways in 2014, from meal preparation to cleaning up downtown. While the service projects changed from month to month, one thing didn’t: the generous spirit of IndyBar members. At each event, a willingness and enthusiasm to give time, skills and financial resources was clearly present in each volunteer.

Young Lawyers Division and Go Green Committee: Great Indy Cleanup

The Young Lawyers Division (YLD) kicked off the year with a Go Green Committee volunteer event on April 26. They pitched in to help Keep Indianapolis Beautiful at the organization’s annual “Great Indy Cleanup.” The event was held in Fountain Square, and YLD volunteers spent the day painting a 4,500-square-foot mural in the neighborhood. More than 20 members from YLD participated, and the division donated $500 toward supplies that were used for the painting. The YLD certainly left a mark – the mural is visible underneath the Interstate 65 overpass at Prospect Street.

IBF Fellows: Gleaners and Ronald McDonald House of Indiana


IBF Fellows assemble BackSacks at Gleaners Food Bank.

On July 23, Indianapolis Bar Foundation Distinguished Fellows spent the morning volunteering at Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. During their time there, 12 Fellows and family members joined together to pack 1,854 BackSacks. BackSacks are grocery bags filled with food that are delivered to children every Friday throughout the school year. These bags provide elementary school students with nutritious meals and snacks during weekends. The volunteers worked for over two hours stuffing each bag full of kid-friendly, shelf-stable food for Indianapolis schoolchildren to enjoy.

IBF Distinguished Fellows also volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House on Sept. 30. They prepared and served a meal to around 40 guests who are all family members of seriously ill or injured children. The Fellows also donated items to the Ronald McDonald House, including hand sanitizer, deodorant, paper towels and other necessities. IBF Fellows have been volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House every year since 2010.

Health Care and Life Sciences Section: Growing Places Indy

On Aug. 3, members from the Health Care & Life Sciences Section got their hands dirty with Growing Places Indy. They spent the afternoon working at the Legacy Center, one of the organization’s seven farming sites in Indianapolis. Volunteers and some family members harvested cucumbers and tomatoes, turned over beds for fall crops and planted beets. These crops are then sold at a farm stand, local restaurants and in a Community Supported Agriculture program. Growing Places Indy works to cultivate the culture of urban agriculture and healthy lifestyle, and the IndyBar volunteers pitched in during one of their peak seasons to help do just that.

Women and the Law Division: Dream Dinners for EMBRACE and The Julian Center

The Women and the Law Division (WLD) helped prepare meals for families in need on Sept. 6 and 9. The group of 27 volunteers worked at Dream Dinners in Fishers, where they prepared meals for families of The Julian Center and Eskenazi’s EMBRACE program. The Julian Center supports women who are survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and the EMBRACE program at Eskenazi provides support to female patients diagnosed with cancer. With the volunteers’ help and generous support from sponsors, around 140 three-serving meals were prepared for these families.

Indy Attorneys Network Section: The ISBA Annual Day of Service


Indy Attorneys Network Section pitches in during the ISBA Day of Service.

Later that month on Sept. 20, the Indy Attorneys Network Section took to the land and participated in the second “Annual Day of Service.” This event takes place statewide and covers a variety of service areas where attorneys and judges can work alongside one another to help out their communities. The Indy Attorneys Network Section volunteers worked at Indy Urban Acres, an eight-acre farm that donates all of its produce to local food pantries in a partnership with Gleaners Food Bank. Judges, lawyers, law students and family members joined in the project. The section members cleared an entire field of tomato plants and collected more than 200 pounds of tomatoes. Afterward, the volunteers delivered these tomatoes to the food bank.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Section: Mediation Day

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Section finished September strong with their annual Mediation Day on Sept. 26. The event was coordinated by Section Chair Phyllis Armstrong of The Mediation Group and was hosted by Barnes & Thornburg LLP. Ten section members volunteered to spend a day mediating a total of 10 paternity court cases, which cleared up valuable room on the court’s docket. Law students were invited to shadow the mediation sessions and get a firsthand look at the process for the second year in a row. Two commissioners were also on site to sign any settlements, and Armstrong says that a majority of the cases usually reach settlement by the end of the day.

Labor & Employment Law Section: Small-Business Employment Law Seminar

On Nov. 13, the Labor & Employment Law Section hosted the “Small Business Employment Law Seminar,” a multi-hour event for small-business employers. The attorneys provided attendees with valuable tips and information in an informal and affordable setting. The program was designed to benefit employers who may not have their own human resource professionals or employment counsel. The seminar covered which employment laws apply to small-business owners, best practices for hiring and discipline, wage issues and essentials for personnel documentation.

Environmental Law Section: Second Helpings


Environmental Law Section members pause for a group photo while volunteering to help Second Helpings prepare for its annual fundraising events.

On Nov. 14, members of the Environmental Law Section and IU McKinney School of Law Environmental Law Society volunteered at Second Helpings. The group toured the facility and then helped prepare it for Second Helpings’ annual fundraising events, Tiny Tonic and Tonic Ball. Each event features local artists and musicians and the funds go toward helping Second Helpings provide thousands of meals each day. Tiny Tonic was held on Nov. 16 and the Tonic Ball was held on Nov. 21.

Paralegal Committee: Teddy Bear Challenge for Bears on Patrol Program

On Dec. 4, the Paralegal Committee hosted their annual holiday luncheon and Teddy Bear Challenge. The Teddy Bear Challenge is part of the “Bears on Patrol” program, which collects stuffed animals to be given to children by first responders during frightening and challenging events. The Paralegal Committee collected 3,577 teddy bears this year and recognized Frost Brown Todd LLC for collecting the most bears of any firm at 1,487. Hoover Hull LLP was also recognized for donating the most bears per employee at 15 bears each. Cheryl Keene hand-knitted five animals for the cause. The collection went to representatives from the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, Indianapolis Fire Department and Indianapolis EMS.

Women and the Law Division: Coburn Place Holiday Party

On Dec. 13, the Women and the Law Division hosted a holiday party for families at the Coburn Place. Division Chair Elect Elizabeth R. Polleys of Marion County Prosecutor’s Office said, “Our holiday party at Coburn Place is a special opportunity to celebrate the holiday season with other members of our community. Our member-volunteers always enjoy this occasion to work together to provide a fun time for families who could most use some holiday cheer and the recognition that we are thinking about these families, we value them and we admire their courage in the face of domestic violence and other adversities.” Coburn Place is a residential domestic violence program and works to empower survivors of domestic violence. The Women and the Law Division has celebrated their holiday party with Coburn Place families for the past several years.

More to Come

The year may be coming to an end, but the spirit of giving is still going strong for IndyBar sections and divisions. Still to come in 2014, the Young Lawyers Division will “adopt” two families for the holidays. The division will purchase, wrap and deliver gifts for the eight members of these families. Photos from this project will be available online here.

These generous initiatives will continue in 2015. With several volunteer projects already in the works, now is the perfect time to jump on board with an IndyBar section, division or committee so that you can make a difference in the city you call home and the community that is your own.

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Bar Talk December: Legal News You Need to Know

Bar Talk Header

The latest legal scoop to keep you in the loop: Here are the top five stories from the IndyBar this month.

Please note: IndyBar news and updates are provided as a member benefit. You may be prompted to log-in to view some articles.

What the Media Isn’t Telling You About the Redskins Lawsuit
By Kaylea Weiler, SmithAmundsen LLC
The sensational headlines lead many readers to jump to conclusions about the motives and mess of the Washington Redskins ongoing legal battle over their trademark. In this post, Kaylea Weiler talks about the legal reasoning behind recent decisions and explains what the media doesn’t convey in their coverage of the case.
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Indiana Supreme Court Declares Failure to File Agency Record Must Result in Dismissal
By Josh S. Tatum, Plews Shadley Racher & Braun LLP
On November 13, the Indiana Supreme Court resolved “a long-standing lack of consensus” and held that Indiana’s Administrative Orders and Procedures Act (AOPA) requires petitioners seeking judicial review of agency actions to file the official agency record with the trial court. This post by Josh S. Tatum explains more about the decision and the history of the cases leading up to it.
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Do Not Waive Your Client’s Petition for Post-Secondary Education Expenses
By Richard A. Mann, Richard A. Mann PC
In this post, Richard A. Mann summarizes a recent opinion issued by the Indiana Court of Appeals that determines what age a petition for post-secondary educational expenses must be filed in light of legislative amendments to the Indiana Code.
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What Role Should Lawyers Play in the Drafting of an Expert’s Report in Light of the 2010 Amendments
By Laura Gorman, Barnes & Thornburg LLP
Changes made in 2010 to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure significantly affected the limits of expert discovery and now generally protect from disclosure the communication between a lawyer and a retained expert. In this article, Laura Gorman talks about the way that has affected litigation in the years since and the appropriate role that lawyers should play in the drafting of an expert’s report despite the limited disclosure.
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Search of Student Backpack that Uncovered Handgun in Indianapolis School Ruled Constitutional
By Todd Relue, Plews Shadley Racher & Braun LLP

On Nov. 13, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled that a school police officer’s search of a student backpack, which revealed a handgun, was constitutional. Check out this post to read more about the case and the Court’s reasoning for this ruling.
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If you’re hanging out with people who aren’t lawyers, here’s something even they will find interesting: Hanger has real consequences. Turns out that hunger can hinder mediation efforts, and we all know it’s a fine line between hunger and anger. Next time you’re dealing with a tense conversation or feeling irritated, take five and grab a bite to eat. You’ll be more successful – and satisfied – if you do.

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