New Resource Available: Indiana Law Review Blog

The Indiana Law Review at the IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law is pleased to announce that, in addition to its four printed issues, it has established an online presence that will serve as a more accessible and timely resource for legal practitioners, members of the judiciary, legal scholars and law students. The Indiana Law Review blog is the first of its kind in Indiana and will seek to highlight ideas and opinions that are worthy of dissemination but may not make it into a published issue.

Because the blog articles will be aimed at a more practical application of the law than the print edition, brief articles from practitioners will be especially relevant. Each published author will be allowed to post their firm affiliation, contact information and links to their social media profiles, firm website and legal blog. Instructions for submitting articles for consideration may be found on the blog’s website.

We recommend that you check out their site. You can subscribe and join the discussion on their blog here, follow them on social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and submit articles for consideration.

Congrats to the Indiana Law Review on this great new resource. Keep reading for a taste of what you’ll find on the blog, featuring a piece by IndyBar law student member Burnell K. Grimes!

From the Indiana Law Review blog:

Burnell K. Grimes Jr., a 2L at the IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law, was selected to win the Indiana Law Review’s first writing competition.

“Of all the competition submissions, his stood out as both substantive and relevant to Indiana legal practitioners, which is exactly the type of article we initially envisioned when we created the blog at the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester,” said Reid Dodge, editor-in-chief of the Indiana Law Review.

Grimes’ article titled “The Best of Both Worlds: A Solution to Indiana’s Appointment of Counsel Funding Problem” discusses a proposed solution to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the legal aid and pro bono programs for Indiana’s indigent populations. Check out his full article and other great content at the link above. Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!

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IndyBar Bar Leader Series Members to Share the Joy of Reading with Indy Students

Please note: Due to poor weather forecast for Tuesday, March 3, this event has been postponed and will be rescheduled.

On Tuesday, March 3, five members of Class XII of the Indianapolis Bar Association’s Bar Leader Series will kick off National Reading Month with a reading celebration in honor of Dr. Seuss at Thomas D. Gregg Elementary in Indianapolis. These attorneys will distribute 200 copies of Dr. Seuss’s “Green Eggs and Ham” to students who attend, along with 300 additional books and reading resources. Reading resources and materials provided to the students will explain the importance of adults reading with children, not just to them.

Students will also celebrate the fun of reading through an Dr. Seuss-themed art activity, refreshments, and a visit from the Pacers Fan Van.

Members of the “Reading Team” that have planned the event include Kate Erdel, Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP; Tara Worthley,  Langer & Langer; Commissioner Shannon Logsdon, Marion Superior Court; Jacqueline Pimentel-Gannon, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP; and John Huang, Bose McKinney & Evans LLP. The event is part of the team’s Bar Leader Series community service project.

About the Bar Leader Series
The IndyBar Bar Leader Series is a comprehensive leadership development program offered yearly to Indianapolis-area attorneys in their third to tenth year of practice. The program includes monthly sessions on a broad range of topics presented by local legal, political and business leaders as well as the development and execution of a community service team project.

A core aspect of the IndyBar Bar Leader Series is the development and execution of community service team projects by series participants. This facet of the program gives participants a unique opportunity to take community engagement a step farther by putting the knowledge and skills that they’ve learned in the series to practical use for the benefit of the community.


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Five Ways to Strengthen Your iPad’s Security

Excerpted from “Can A Tablet Replace the Attorney’s PC?” TECHSHOW 2014

By Catherine Sanders Reach, ABA TECHSHOW Board 2015 and Bill Latham, ABA TECHSHOW 2014 presenter

Tablets have taken the legal world by storm. The question of whether a tablet can replace a lawyer’s PC is dependent upon the type of tablet involved, the technical proficiency of the attorney, the nature of their legal practice, and the back-office support available to them. For the past several years, the iPad has been the overwhelming choice for lawyers using tablets in their law practice. However, for most attorneys, the iPad will not suffice for all purposes.

With the recent introduction of practical Windows-based tablets or Windows hybrid laptop/tablets, the line between laptop PCs and tablets is blurring. This is especially true for tablets that have a docking station function allowing the use of the computer like any other PC when in the office. In deciding whether to choose between an iPad or a Windows tablet, the relative advantages and disadvantages of both platforms should be considered. The intuitive and easy-to-use iPad has many thousands of applications available, has an attractive interface, and is a mature design. The Windows based tablets tend to be more complex but benefit from the generally greater capabilities of Windows based systems required by power users. However, the reality is that most Windows users use only a fraction of the features available in the Microsoft office suite and other similar Windows-based productivity programs. In the end, it comes down to the practice needs of the individual attorney. Some, like your authors, use both PC laptops and the iPad, choosing the device that is most appropriate for the given task at hand.

Ethical Issues

So you love your new iPad and want to use it in your law practice. That likely means you are using it to store and communicate confidential client information. You may also be accessing your firm’s internal and cloud based systems. It is also quite possible that unlike your traditional work desktop/laptop, you may be tempted to share this repository of client secrets with your spouse, children or friends—because after all, the iPad is first and foremost a super cool entertainment machine—right? STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! If you want to use the iPad as a law practice tool and you value your license, clients and firm, then some basic security precautions are mandated:

1. Set a strong passcode. In my opinion, it is malpractice to not have the passcode feature activated if confidential client information is on your device. The default 4 digit code feature is inadequate if you are going to use the iPad out of the office (which of course you are). By default (unfortunately), the iPad comes with the Passcode off. Here’s how to turn it on and set it:

Press Settings, then General. To the right, Passcode Lock should show Off, if you have not already enabled it. Press it; if you have already created a 4-digit passcode, you’ll be asked to enter it now.

On the Passcode Lock page, you’ll see Turn Passcode On. Don’t touch that yet. First, go to Simple Passcode and move it to the Off position. If it’s turned on, you can only create a simple, wholly inadequate 4-digit passcode.

Once Simple Passcode is turned off, press Turn Passcode On. You’ll be presented with a dialog box to enter your Passcode. Set a strong passcode! You can check out the strength of your password at You can enter any combination of number, letters, symbols – you are not limited in the length of your passcode. You’ll be asked to enter it twice, after which your passcode will be turned on. Also, press Require Passcode, and choose the time interval after which your iPad will require a Passcode to get back in. Choose a time period that isn’t so often that you are constantly having to enter your Passcode, but is short enough so that if you leave it alone for a short time no one can get into it.

2. Activate the free “Find My iPad” and “Remote Wipe” features. Apple’s find your iPad feature through iCloud enables you to find your iPad (its location will be displayed on a map) if it is lost, send a loud location sound, post a message on the screen, and if need be the ability to remotely wipe all of the data from the device. Find detailed instructions at

3. Set a time for your iPad to lock up if not used. In “Settings” choose “General” and then select the “Auto-Lock” feature. Pick a time limit. The shorter the better. This feature protects your client data if the iPad is not used for the specified period of time. Set your iPad to Auto-Wipe after Ten Failed Password Attempts. Your device can be set to Auto-Wipe all data after 10 failed password attempts. To access this feature in settings choose “Passcode Lock” and you will be prompted for your Passcode. After entering the Code, turn “Erase Data” on.

4. Regularly back up your data on iTunes in case your iPad is lost or damaged. Find detailed instructions at

Individually password protect client information if you “must” share your iPad with others. If you are going to allow your spouse, significant other, children, friends, random strangers or others to “play” with your “work” iPad (BAD IDEA!), then at a minimum secure confidential client information with an Application password. Many applications have their own password feature that will protect data in that application. For example: GoodReader, MobileNoter, and Readdle. Just keep in mind that letting someone use your iPad without protecting your confidential client information is like handing someone a briefcase of client documents so that they can retrieve the magazine among the client papers. USE COMMON SENSE! Treat your iPad like you would a paper file of highly confidential client documents. Do not leave it unattended in unsecure areas. Keep it locked up when not in use.

If you follow these tips, confidential information on your iPad should be “reasonably” secure. Ignore them and your license may not be.

This article is but a taste of what awaits you at the ABA TECHSHOW 2015, April 16-18 at the Hilton Chicago. As a member of the Indianapolis Bar Association, you are eligible for a discount on ABA TECHSHOW 2015. This discount only applies to registrants that qualify for the Standard registration. Register online at using promo code TECHSHOWEP2015 to receive this discount.

Reprinted with Permission. 2014© by the American Bar Association. All rights reserved. This information or any or portion thereof may not be copied or disseminated in any form or by any means or stored in an electronic database or retrieval system without the express written consent of the American Bar Association

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On Tap at the IndyBar: March 2-8

Everybody loves a local bar, so check out what yours is serving up this week with upcoming IndyBar events and happenings below!

On the Docket

The Bar Boost Series: Marketing Your Brand
Wednesday, March 4 from 4 to 6 p.m.
IndyBar Education Center, 135 N. Pennsylvania St., Suite 1500
Information and registration can be found here.

Check out the full slate of IndyBar events here.

News You Can Use

  • Thinking about joining the first program in The Bar Boost Series this Wednesday? Learn what the series is all about and how it can give your career a lift in this article.
  • IndyBar President John C. Trimble spoke in opposition to Senate Joint Resolution 15 on Wednesday, Feb. 18 before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The IndyBar is pleased to report that the measure failed in committee by a 4-6 vote. Read more here.
  • IndyBar members ended February with a bang. Check out the latest member headlines here.
  • Want to know how bar association memberships have changed over the last 30+ years? Check out IndyBar President John C. Trimble’s latest post to read about his experience.
  • Practice-area specific Bill Watch reports are now available. Click here for the most recent updates!
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Bill Watch Report for Feb. 27 Now Available

The practice-area specific Bill Watch reports for Feb. 27 are now available. The reports highlight the pending bills of particular concern to different sections within the bar. See below for this week’s posts, and click here to access the full Bill Watch reports.

Business Law
Criminal Justice
Estate Planning & Administration
Family Law
Government Practice
Real Estate & Land Use

Don’t forget: You can update your news subscriptions to conveniently receive information like the practice area-specific Bill Watch posts in your bi-weekly E-Bulletin! Click here to learn more, and click here to update your profile.

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Trimble: It’s Still The Right Thing To Do…Try It!

John C. Trimble, Lewis Wagner LLP

John C. Trimble, Lewis Wagner LLP

By John C. Trimble, Lewis Wagner LLP

In 1979, when I joined the Indianapolis Bar Association as a law student, my mentor, Robert F. Wagner, told me that it was my duty as a lawyer to join the bar. In those days, any poll of bar members would have revealed that more than 80 percent of members joined their voluntary bar associations out of a sense of duty. It was simply the right thing to do.

Today, most polls are finding that fewer than 20 percent of lawyers join or remain members of the bar out of a sense of duty. These days, lawyers are joining to network, obtain information and education, and to gain other member services. A sense of duty to join and belong is simply not a driver any longer.

Anyone who is paying attention to writers and futurists understands that the foundation of the legal profession is shifting under our feet like sand. More and more people are choosing to represent themselves with the help of online forms and legal help services. Big business is reducing legal spend, and more companies are taking legal work in house in lieu of the hourly billing. Large pieces of legal work have been commoditized, and are being performed off shore or paraprofessionals are doing work once performed by lawyers. Technology has radically changed the way law is being practiced and now allows for competition from afar.

These changes are here to stay, and some would say that they are overdue. There are excellent legal jobs available for lawyers, but the traditional law firm model is changing forever. In the early going, the changes were most apparent in “big law.” However, even solo practitioners are soon going to see their practices change.

Sadly, many lawyers are oblivious to the change that is occurring, or they think that it will not affect them. Soon, many will find themselves working harder for less return, or they will find themselves out of work completely.

If there was ever a time that our profession needed its bar associations, the time is now. We need to be the advocate for our profession at the same time that we provide services and support for all of our members. As law jobs change and evolve, we need to be the ones educating our members and the public about the changing face of law. We need to manage the change and, we need to accept what we cannot resist, and we need to resist what may not be best for consumers.

I submit to you that there is still a duty (and a pressing need) for lawyers to join and support their bar associations. We need everyone at the table. It is STILL the right thing to do. Please join us.


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miniBar Talk: This Week’s Top Post!

Bar Talk Header

Solo/Small Firm Attorneys Have the Opportunity for Big Impact

By D. Elizabeth Cox, Cox & Koons

Just because you are not a member of a “big” firm does not mean that you can’t be an active leader in your community. Three members of the Solo/Small Firm Practice Section, Kristen Caldwell of Duvall Bloomer & Caldwell PC, Jane Glynn of Wanzer Edwards PC, and D. Elizabeth Cox of Cox & Koons, are participants in this year’s Bar Leaders Series. Through this IndyBar program, they are learning what it takes to be true leaders in our community and gaining valuable connections to make it possible.

Prompted by the series, this spring, they’ll participate in the introduction of a new teen dating violence prevention program, Learn-Teach-Lead, at Northwest High School. As solo/small firm attorneys, we know that days are usually filled from dawn until dusk. However, we also know that it is equally as important to find time be involved and make an impact on our community.

Solo/small firm practitioners make up the majority of the population of practicing attorneys in this community and our opportunities for impact are great. The IndyBar makes it easy with a variety of opportunities for solo/small firm practitioners to get involved and give back. To get started, check out the IndyBar events page or contact a Solo/Small Firm Practice Section committee member today. Watch for upcoming articles about the impact Solo/Small firm practitioners are making in our city!

This post was written by D. Elizabeth Cox of Cox & Koons. If you would like to submit content or write an article for the Solo/Small Firm Practice Section page, please email Rachel Beachy at

To subscribe to more Solo/Small Firm Practice Section news like the article above, click here to update your news subscriptions. Your news subscriptions appear in your bi-weekly E-Bulletin and on your personalized IndyBar homepage.

Keep an eye out for our newest e-newsletter for members, Bar Talk, featuring the top IndyBar posts each month!

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Measure to Alter Selection of Judges Fails in Committee

On Wednesday, Feb. 18, Indianapolis Bar Association President John C. Trimble spoke before the Indiana Senate Judiciary Committee in opposition to Senate Joint Resolution 15, a bill which would have altered the selection process for appellate and Supreme Court judges. The IndyBar is pleased to report the measure failed in committee by a 4-6 vote.

During testimony, Trimble noted that the prevailing viewpoint among IndyBar members responding to a recent survey was that, if enacted, the measure would unnecessarily further politicize a process that is not currently perceived to be broken. Numerous other speakers echoed the sentiment. Trimble also remarked that if enacted, the proposed process would likely “scare away qualified candidates from applying for the court” and could have negative impact on economic development by creating doubt among foreign and out-of-state businesses about the integrity and quality of our judiciary.

The Legislative Committee of the Indianapolis Bar Association is following a variety of bills of particular interest to attorneys during this General Assembly. For a full listing please visit the IndyBar Bill Watch page at

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IndyBar Member Headlines: Thursday, February 26

Share your news with the IndyBar by contacting Mary Kay Price, Director of Marketing & Communications, at

Brett J. Ashton is now a partner at Krieg DeVault LLP.

Russell L. Brown is now partner of Clark Quinn Moses Scott & Grahn LLP.

Brian M. Heaton is now partner at Krieg DeVault LLP in the Carmel office.

Rebecca W. Geyer of Rebecca W. Geyer & Associates has been named a fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel.

Daniel Byron of Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP has been elected president and CEO of the Indiana Debate Commission.

Julian Harrell of Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP has been elected to the Just the Beginning Foundation’s Associate Board.

Elizabeth King of Plews Shadley Racher & Braun LLP  has been appointed to the Indy Reads Board of Directors.

Jacob Bradley has joined Quarles & Brady LLP as an associate in the commercial litigation practice group.

Nicholson Davey Neal has joined Clark Quinn Moses Scott & Grahn LLP and serves as president of Clark Quinn Public Affairs.

Steven V. Shoup has joined Littler Mendelson PC.

Travis Stegemoller is now an attorney at Gutwein Law.

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Give Your Career a Lift with The Bar Boost Series

There are many things law school can teach you. For everything else, there’s The Bar Boost Series. This year, the IndyBar’s Law School Outreach Subcommittee is rolling out this brand new series, which features a set of programs designed to fill in the gaps that law school leaves behind. This series will enhance the skills of not only attorneys who are fresh in the field, but law students as well.

“We’re excited to kick off this series, which is designed to present time-tested practical tips in a fun and engaging way that connects those just entering the legal profession with those who have made their mark,” said committee chair Christine Hickey of Rubin & Levin PC. “These events are truly not ones to miss!”

The first program is lined up for Wednesday, March 4, and will address the crucial task of “Marketing Your Brand.” This session will feature Meredith Roney of Tactic Marketing. Roney will give attendees advice and strategies for marketing themselves successfully to ensure that they put their best foot forward when making strides in their careers.

Additional programs will take place in April, May, August, September and October. Each program will feature experienced Indianapolis attorneys and judges who can lend insight into the professional world.

“Often, the things that are most important in your legal career are not found in a classroom or on pages in a book,” said Hickey. “Those ‘nuggets’ of legal life skills is what this series is all about.”

For more information about the series and to register, go to To register for the first program, click here.


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