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November 24, 2014
Making the Most of Your Holiday Season

December is on the horizon - are you ready to maximize your networking opportunities? Check out this post for tips on how to do just that.

November 21, 2014
'Tis the Season for Networking: Tips to Make This the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The holiday season presents many opportunities for networking. Don't let them go to waste! Check out this post by Andrea Ciobanu to make the most of the festivities this year.

November 17, 2014
Put Facebook to Work for Your Law Firm

Check out this post to learn why Facebook and social media presence is important for nurturing and growing business relationships and what you can do to improve your pages.

November 7, 2014
What Lawyers Should Know About Correcting a Bad First Impression

First impressions matter, but bad first impressions can happen. Learn how to fix them in this post!

October 28, 2014
What Lawyers Should Know About Email Correspondence

How should lawyers balance the demands of emails with other tasks? This post by Andrea Ciobanu points attorneys toward tips to help do just that.

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For the Indy Attorneys Network, we have one main goal, that is, to promote the development of professional and personal relationships among the members of the Indianapolis Bar Association (IndyBar). While this idea is simple, we believe it is powerful. Our goal is to create open dialogue and build new professional relationships between IndyBar members. Our hope is that the relationships fostered by our networking group will positively impact the lives of our members as well as the whole Indianapolis legal community.
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A Message from the Section Chairs

“Like most attorneys, we always enjoy meeting lawyers from other practice areas and interests, but while it is easy to say "go network," we found it somewhat a daunting task. To address this problem, we wanted to establish a group that solely focused on networking amongst attorneys.

The Indy Attorneys Network is a voluntary group that all IndyBar members are eligible and welcome to join; however, only those IndyBar members who join the group will have access to the networking events. While our section is new, we already provide a number of exciting activities for promoting networking among our members.

Monthly Match-Ups
In addition to making networking easier and more fun, the Indy Attorneys Network also allows you to network with someone new on a regular basis with monthly match-ups. Two members of the section are randomly paired up each month via an e-mail. The e-mail contains contact information in which the pair decides on the meeting at the location/time of their choice. We hope in-house counsel, solo practitioners, judges, public practitioners, senior attorneys, junior attorneys, and all attorneys in-between will participate in the activities, but we also recognize that there may be times when one might need to opt-out of the monthly match-ups. If that happens, please let the section chair or a committee member know. You can rejoin the monthly match-ups at any time.

Group Meetings
In addition to the monthly match-ups, Indy Attorneys Network will offer guidance in various aspects of networking. Some of these aspects include networking tips and techniques from skilled attorney networkers or coaches, ethical aspects of attorney marketing or networking, and practical tips and advice on networking. Of course, social events for the entire group to have fun and network are included.

We are always open to suggestions for improving the section, so we encourage you to contact us with your ideas or questions. ”

Andrea Ciobanu and Christopher Cody - 2014 Indy Attorneys Network Section Co-Chairs

Do you have input on resources, events or activities that you'd like the section to offer? We want to hear from you! Contact section chairs Andrea Ciobanu and Chris Cody.