Online Course Catalog

NumberTitleDateCLE CreditsEthics
CMB764Revised Article 9: The Changes are Here
Speakers: Daniel Lias
WLD763WHuman Trafficking: Case, Legislative and Policy Updates
Speakers: Tamara Weaver Natalie Carpenter
FAM766WSame-Sex Marriage Issues Presented
Speakers: Richard Mann, Jennifer Aldridge, Lisa Joachim, Megan Clearwaters
BUS770WIndiana Legislative Developments – Business Entities: Benefit Corporations, Virtual Shareholder Mee
Speakers: Richard Thrapp Rebecca Longfellow
EST684WEstate Planning and Administration Update
Speakers: MaryEllen Bishop, Cohen Garelick & Glazier PC Rodney Retzner, Krieg DeVault LLP
CRJ/FAM 665WKids Incarcerated: An Overview of Juvenile Justice
Speakers: Daniel Schroeder, Marion County Public Defender Agency
BUS670WBusiness Law Skills Series: Hot Topics in Securities Law and Capital Raising Techniques
Speakers: David Hooper, Barnes & Thornburg
LAB664WFederal and State Whistleblower Protection
Speakers: Craig Williams Tim Crouse
HLT681W2015 Health Law Legislative Update
Speakers: Allison Taylor
LND667WEffective Presentations to Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals
Speakers: Joseph D. Calderon Brian Tuohy
LAB567WNLRB Update: What's New(s) at the Board
Speakers: Ryan M. Poor
SSF/LND565WResidential Landlord/Tenant Law
Speakers: Janet Hocker, Hocker & Associates Kassandra Green, Hocker & Associates
EST568WQ&A with Judge Eichholtz
Speakers: The Hon. Steven Eichholtz
BUS570WBusiness Law Skills Series: Ethics Basics for the Business Lawyer
Speakers: Robert A. Greising, Krieg DeVault LLP
LIT575WLIT575: In-Trial Motions
Speakers: Jon Pinnick, Schultz & Pogue LLP David Cutshaw, Cohen & Malad LLP
FAM563WFAM563: Electronic Pitfalls: Metadata 101 and Privacy and Privilege in the Workplace
Speakers: F. Anthony Paganelli, Paganelli Law Group Sgt. Christopher Cecil, Indiana State Police
PAR462WPAR462: Social Media Investigations: Effectively Monitoring and Capturing Relevant Data
Speakers: Lyn Mettler, Step Ahead Social Research
HLT482WHLT482: Primer on HIP 2.0 and other Medicaid Care Programs
Speakers: Scott Gartenman of Indiana Family and Social Services Administration Steven A. Holt of Indiana Family and Social Services Administration
SSF485WNavigating Juvenile Court – A “How to” From the Folks Who Should Know
Speakers: Shari Vanderploeg, Deputy Chief Counsel for the Marion County office of the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS)
CMB481WWhen Worlds Collide: Intellectual Property and Bankruptcy
Speakers: David E. Roberts, Gutwein Law Mike Pellegrino, Pellegrino and Associates Louis T. Perry, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP
ADR480WInsight from the Experts: Civil Mediation Strategies from the Pros
Speakers: Norris Cunningham, Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman PC Miriam A.G. Rich, Rich Legal Services Sally F. Zweig, Katz & Korin PC Anthony Eleftheri, Lewis Wagner LLP
LIT475WLIT475: Direct and Cross Exam
Speakers: Too Keller of Keller Macaluso LLC
EST367WMistakes in Charitable Planning
Speakers: Gina Giacone, Ice Miller
INP365W2014 Intellectual Property Year in Review
Speakers: Mr. Douglas G. Gallagher, Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP; Mr. Joel E. Tragesser, Quarles & Brady LLP
BUS370WMergers & Acquisitions
Speakers: Larry Tomlin, Krieg DeVault David Meehan, Krieg DeVault
CMB364W2014 Indiana State Commercial Law Update
Speakers: Reynold Berry, Rubin & Levin PC Paula Cardoza-Jones, Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission
LIT375WOpening Statements and Closing Arguments
Speakers: Lee C. Christie, Cline Farrell Christie & Lee PC
LSD351WBar Boost: Marketing Your Brand
Speakers: Ms. Meredith Roney, Tactic Marketing; Mr. Jordan Anderson, Tactic Marketing
FAM265WMediation Before Evaluation
Speakers: Ms. Denise F. Hayden, Attorney at Law; Ms. Janice Davidson, Marion County Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau; Ms. Mellisica K. Flippen, Marion County Family Resource Center
EST280WMedicaid for Estate Planners
Speakers: Claire E. Lewis, Law Office of Claire E. Lewis
BUS270WInternational Law for Business Lawyers
Speakers: Angella Castille, Faegre Baker Daniels
CMB172wIndividual Liability for Business Taxes in Situations of Insolvency
Speakers: Steven Carpenter, Indiana Department of Revenue; Stewart Hittinger, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP; and Samuel Hodson, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP
LIT275WVoir Dire and Jury Selection Strategies
Speakers: Christina Studebaker, ThemeVision
LAB1272WHot Topics in Employment Law
Speakers: Mr. Philip J. Gibbons Jr., Gibbons Legal Group P.C.; Ms. Sarah Steele Riordan, Frost Brown Todd LLC; Mr. Ryan P. Sink, Fox Williams & Sink LLC
IBA1274WChecklists for Indiana Real Estate Lawyers
Speakers: Mr. Jeffrey A. Abrams, Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP; Mr. Steven J. Glazier, Cohen Garelick & Glazier PC; Mr. Marvin H. Mitchell, Mitchell Hurst Dick & McNelis LLC; Mr. Rory O'Bryan, Harrison & Moberly LLP; Mr. Harry F. Todd, Wallack Somers & Haas PC
ENV1269WThe Greenhouse Grinch: EPA’s Proposed Greenhouse Gas Regulations Explained
Speakers: Ms. Katherine M. Grgic, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP; Mr. Jeffrey D. Stemerick, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP
Speakers: Ms. Suzanne M. O'Shea, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP
APP1273WJustice Steven David on Ethics and Professionalism for Appellate Lawyers
Speakers: The Hon. Steven H. David, Indiana Supreme Court
IBA1268WI Have a Judgment, Now What?
Speakers: Ms. Christine H. Hickey, Rubin & Levin PC; Mr. Reynold T. Berry, Rubin & Levin PC; Mr. Josh W. Casselman, Rubin & Levin PC; Ms. Diane Withem Roe, Rubin & Levin PC; Mr. Joseph L. Mulvey, Rubin & Levin PC
CRJ1266WManaging Stress to Avoid Burnout
Speakers: James A. Edgar, J. Edgar Law Offices; Loretta Oleksy, Indiana Judges & Lawyers Assistance Program
ADR1251WFamily Law Arbitration: Call it Magic!
Speakers: Ms. Carol L. Terzo, The Mediation Option
GOV1256WEthical Pitfalls for Government Lawyers
Speakers: The Hon. Gary L. Miller, Marion Superior Court
APP1257WUnited States Supreme Court - Recent Decisions and Upcoming Cases
Speakers: Mrs. Jane Dall Wilson, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP
NET1261WNetworking Ethics for the Holidays
Speakers: Mr. Christopher D. Cody, Hume Smith Geddes Green & Simmons LLP; Mr. Theodore J. Blanford, Hume Smith Geddes Green & Simmons LLP
TAX1253WInternational Taxation: Update and Practical Considerations
Speakers: Mr. Todd C. Lady, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP
BUS1154WNegotiating in the Cloud – What You Should Know When Negotiating Cloud Computing Contracts
Speakers: Mr. Jeffrey Kosc, Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP; Mr. Brandt Voight, ExactTarget, Inc.
LIT1055WDetermining Damages
Speakers: Mr. Daniel G. Foote, Tabor Law Firm; Mr. Charles S. Smith, Schultz & Pogue LLP
SCD1173WSecure Retirement Strategy
Speakers: Ms. Elaine E. Bedel, Bedel Financial Consulting, Inc.
LND1171WDisruptive Forces in Industrial Real Estate
Speakers: Mr. Thomas Urick, BMO Harris Bank; Ms. Monica Chavez, First American Title Insurance Co; Ms. Linda Issacson, First American Title Insurance Co; Mr. Charles Podell, Duke Realty Corporation; Mr. Michael W.M. Weishaar
NET1165W“Must Know” Intellectual Property Issues for Lawyers
Speakers: Mr. William A. McKenna, Woodard Emhardt Moriarty McNett & Henry LLP
HLT1166WMedicaid Fraud: Investigating, Prosecuting, and Defending
Speakers: Ms. Shelese Marie Woods, US Attorney's Office Southern District Indiana; Mr. Matthew G. Whitmire, Office of the Attorney General; Ms. Kristen Louisa Gentry, Quarles & Brady LLP
EST1168WBusiness Exit Planning for the Retiring Baby Boomer
Speakers: Mr. Kevin M. Alerding, Ice Miller LLP
CRJ961WExpungements 2.0 - An Update to Reflect Law and Policy Changes
Speakers: Mr. Andrew J. Fogle, Marion County Prosecutor's Office; Ms. Elizabeth C. Milliken, Indiana Supreme Court, Office of State Court Administration
EST1073WThe Hows and Whys of Trust Decanting
Speakers: Ms. Justine Overturf Singh, Fifth Third Private Bank; Ms. April Joy Risk, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP
CMB956WAnswers to Common Chapter 13 Problems Not Found in the Code
Speakers: Mr. Mark S. Zuckerberg, The Law Office of Mark Zuckerberg; Molly Miller, Office of the Chapter 13 Trustee
INP1069WUniversity-Industry Partnering in IP Creation and Commercialization
Speakers: Mr. Marcelo S. Copat, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP; Mr. Hamid Reza Piroozi; Mr. James B. Myers Jr., Eli Lilly and Company; Mr. Dan L. Wood, Eli Lilly and Company
LIT855WThe Ethics of Dealing with Insurance Companies
Speakers: Mr. Stephen J. Peters, Harrison & Moberly LLP; Mr. Nicholas B. Reuhs, Ice Miller LLP
YLD1152WHow to Use Worker's Comp Information for General Liability Defense
Speakers: Mr. Ty M. Craver, Hill Fulwider PC
CMB1153WThe New Bankruptcy Appeals Process
Speakers: Mr. Kevin P. Dempsey, United States Bankruptcy Court; Ms. Alison Margaret Chestovich, United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana
WLD1061WHow to Fire Your Client... and What About Your Retaining Lien?
Speakers: Ms. Margaret M. Christensen, Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP
GOV975WCity Budget Law and the Art of "Sausage-making"
Speakers: Mr. Andrew J. Mallon, Drewry Simmons Vornehm LLP
BUS954WStart-up and Early-Stage Company Financing: Capital Formation Issues & Investment Terms & Structures
Speakers: Mr. Barry S. Wormser, Wormser Legal
FAM969WWhat Family Law Attorneys Need to Know About Representing Same Sex Couples in Indiana
Speakers: Ms. Kathryn H. Burroughs, Cross Pennamped Woolsey & Glazier PC; Mr. James A. Reed, Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP
CMB963WPlanning For and Understanding A Corporate Debtor’s Accounting With Discussion
Speakers: Mr. Kevin J. Hamernik, Hamernik, LLC
LIT955WSelection & Presentation of Expert Witnesses
Speakers: Ms. Ashley Butz, Kightlinger & Gray LLP; Cristina Costa, Kightlinger & Gray LLP; Ms. Laura Gorman, Barnes & Thornburg LLP
EST960WTips to Minimize the Impact of NIIT on Trusts and Estates
Speakers: Amy R. Hlavacek, CPA, CFP, Senior Wealth Planner
SCD959WThe Influence of Law and the Court of Arbitration for Sport on International Sports and the Olympics
Speakers: Mr. Gary Roberts, Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law
FAM958WWhen Worlds Collide: How to Identify and Address Bankruptcy Issues in your Family Law Cases
Speakers: Mr. Eric N. Engebretson, Whitham Hebenstreit & Zubek LLP
SEL957WGames of Chance and Contests of Skill: Basic Principles and Best Practices
Speakers: Mr. Andre J. Correale, Frost Brown Todd LLC; Mr. Frank Pulice, Pacers
EST870WA Discussion of Pooled Trusts for Individuals with Special Needs
Speakers: Ms. Melissa Justice; Ms. Suzanne R. Gaidoo, Lewis & Kappes PC
BUS854WCovenants Not to Compete in Indiana: A brief history and Current Update
Speakers: Eric D. Schmadeke, Densborn Blachly LLP
HLT868WMedical Legal Partnership
Speakers: Mr. Isaac M. Willett, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP; Mrs. Anna Obergfell Kirkman; Mrs. Anna Obergfell Kirkman; Mr. Abhishek Chaudhary, Indiana Legal Services Inc; Mr. Adam C. Mueller, Indiana Legal Services Inc; Ms. Amy Lewis Gilbert, Indiana University School of Medicine
YLD953W"I didn’t know that was misconduct!": Mistakes and misconceptions in managing your law practice
Speakers: Mr. G. Michael Witte, Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission
YLD867WCase Management Strategies: Run your first case without tripping over your feet.
Speakers: Ms. Michele Lorbieski Anderson, Frost Brown Todd LLC; The Hon. Heather Ann Welch; Ms. Kellie M. Barr
FAM865WIs this Collaborative Thing Even Real: Nuts, Bolts and Myths of Collaborative Divorce Practice
Speakers: Ms. Holly J. Wanzer, Wanzer Edwards PC
WLD1052WHow to Prepare a Land Valuation Expert Witness for Testimony
Speakers: Mr. Jeffrey L. Simnick, Office of the Attorney General; Mr. Jordan "Jay" D. Church, Office of the Attorney General
WLD952WLitigating TROs and Preliminary Injunctions
Speakers: Mr. Terry Wayne Tolliver, Office of the Attorney General
WLD863WWhat if Don Sterling Were an Indiana Lawyer: Ethical Considerations of Bias and Discrimination
Speakers: Ms. Anne L. Cowgur, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP; Mr. Donald R. Lundberg, Barnes & Thornburg LLP; Mr. G. Michael Witte, Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission; Ms. Lori A. Spence, MISO; Ms. Margaret M. Christensen, Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP
PAR951WThe Many Faces of Civility: How We Can Improve the Profession
Speakers: The Hon. Gary L. Miller, Marion Superior Court
PAR861WPracticing in Small Claims Court
Speakers: Ms. Rori L. Goldman, Hill Fulwider PC
CMB767WInsecurity Among Secured Creditors: Credit Bidding Limits, Lien Avoidance & Fraudulent Transfers
Speakers: Ms. Terry E. Hall, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP; The Hon. Webster L. Brewer
ADR758WMediation Practice Management: Tips to manage your mediation practice efficiently and ethically
Speakers: Ms. Mary Ann G. Oldham; Mr. Steve A. Spence; Ms. Denise F. Hayden
PAR752Don’t Settle Your Case on Inflated Medical Charges!
Speakers: Christine Kraft, MedReview Solutions LLC
FAM448WA Survival Guide to Juvenile Court
Speakers: Mr. Michael P. Commons, Court Mediator, Marion Superior Court, Juvenile Division
BUS246WCorporate Real Estate Workouts
Speakers: John Robert Humphrey, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP